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  1. Victorian Rush

    The Official Claim a Bishie Thread - v.2

    ♥︎~♥︎~♥︎ SPPF’s Claim a Bishie ♥︎~♥︎~ It’s back, peeps! Hello and welcome to the brand new SPPF Claim a Bishie thread. It has been so long since we have had this seriously, it has been years and the previous one is long gone, I could not find it so I figured now is as good of a time as any to...
  2. Victorian Rush

    FullMetal Alchemist Shipping Discussions - 2.0

    Well, there was a previous version but it has since been closed so I figured I might as well bring it back, seeing as how I have really gotten into the series and I love it. You are allowed to talk about any ships you support it. Whether it be in the 03 version or in Brotherhood, it really does...
  3. Victorian Rush

    The Picture Thread - 2.0

    The Picture Thread 2.0 The previous one died so I am bringing it back. Do you have any selfies that you have been dying to post? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. Here you can post any pictures of yourself that you want to. Of course you don’t have to if you don’t want to but...
  4. Victorian Rush

    A Heavy Burden (Bondingshipping one-shot, PG)

    Author: Victorian Rush Fandom: Pokemon Pairing: Bondingshipping (Gary x Lillie) with minor Alohashipping (Ash x Mallow) Rating: PG (for language) Note: This is a request I had received from @Pikachu Fan Number Nine. He wanted a Bondingshipping one-shot with a subplot of Lillie's father being in...
  5. Victorian Rush

    What program do you use for writing?

    I recently got a new laptop and sadly, this one did not come with Microsoft Word. I've been looking for another program to use and haven't had any luck.
  6. Victorian Rush

    Sign of the Times (Multiships, PG)

    Approved by Meowth City. Sign of the Times By: Victorian Rush Rated: G to PG-13 Note from Vic - So, I was on Tumblr the other day and I saw this going around. It’s basically this alphabetical word prompt and I decided I wanted to give it a try. This is a drabble collection and each of them...
  7. Victorian Rush

    Americans of SPPF

    So, Canadians has their own thread so I figured why shouldn’t Americans. Are you from the US? If so, which state are you from? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to though. I’d do a poll but since there are 50 states, it would be wayyy too long I also don’t have the patience to list all...
  8. Victorian Rush

    Reminiscing (Amourshipping, PG, One Shot)

    I have no idea where the idea for this came from, to be honest. I was watching SM055 where Ash was thinking about Solgaleo and how it left without saying goodbye to him. I thought it would be an interesting idea to have Ash thinking about all of his adventures and than he thinks about Serena. I...
  9. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush's Art Gallery

    Ever since I got photoshop onto my laptop, I have been messing around with it and made some really cool stuff. I think it's finally time to share some of the stuff I have made. Any suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome, if it will help me improve my graphic making skills. I might...
  10. Victorian Rush

    Alohashipping General Discussion - V2 *Spoiler Warning*

    Alohashipping General Discussion Hello everyone and welcome to the second Alohashipping discussion thread here on the SPPF forums. What is Alohashipping, you may be asking? Well, Alohashipping is the belief that the characters Ash (Satoshi) and Mallow (Mao) are or will be involved in a...
  11. Victorian Rush

    My Moon Team

    This is the team I am planning to use when I play through Moon for the very first time. Primarina w/ Torrent Holding the Priaminum Z - Sparkling Aria - Ice Beam - Moonblast -Any suggestions for the last move? Mudsdale w/ Stamina Holding the soft sand - High...
  12. Victorian Rush

    SnowLilyShipping (Hau x Lillie) General Discussion

    Hello and welcome to the... SnowLilyShipping Discussion Thread The first ever SPPF SnowLilyShipping thread What is SnowLilyShipping? SnowLilyShipping is the belief the characters Hau and Lillie from the Pokemon Sun & Moon games are or will be involved in a romantic relationship. If...
  13. Victorian Rush

    Eye Candy - *Spoiler Warning*

    Hey Everyone. This thread is meant to discuss Eye Candy, the show on MTV starring Victoria Justice. I definiteky do happen to like this show a lot, it is definitely very interesting, if you ask me. What are your thoughts on this show? Do you like it? Be sure to follow the forums rules...
  14. Victorian Rush

    Contestshipping General Discussion 2.0

    Contestshipping/ShuuHaru http://i1327.photobucket.com/albums/u678/xVictorianRush/contestb_zps1f720424.jpg Welcome to the Contestshipping general discussion thread 2.0. What is Contestshipping, you may be asking? Well, Contestshipping is the belief that the characters Drew (Shuu) and May...
  15. Victorian Rush

    The Nate/Kyohei Shipping Poll

    Why the heck has no one ever made for him? He's my fandom bicycle. Which Nate shipping do you support? My vote goes to Transceiver. Their interactions were just so darn cute and Yancy so had a crush on him. Do not bash any ships or Nate.
  16. Victorian Rush

    Mockshipping (Paul x Ursula) General Discussion

    Welcome to the.. Mockshipping General Discussion Thread! Mockshipping is the term given to the belief that Paul (Shinji) and Ursula (Urara) are involved in a romantic relationship. If you like Mockshipping, then this is the place for you. ★ The Rules! ★ 1. All SPPF rules apply 2...