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    The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!

    WWE always sucked, you just realized it now though
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    MLB Baseball Thread

    Yankees really screwed up last night but I think pettites gonna show the rangers whats good on monday i really hope the giants beat the phillies i hate the phillies so much
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    The Official NBA Thread

    Sup guys. Just gotta vent. My new york knicks BLOW. Worse start in franchise history, 1-9. The only thing we got to look foward to is Danilo Gallinari, Jordan Hill, Toney Douglas, Wilson Chandler and a slimming eddy curry. Pretty much everyone else on the team will be gone next year. It sucks to...
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    Using the GTS website

    I would recommend looking at the wi-fi chat or trade forum for a Scizor. Even if you find the trade you'd like on the wifi website, your most likely not going to find it when you look for it on the GTS itself.(personal experiences) You can probably find someone who will trade you a scizor. I...
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    I think shops should be shut down if they are caught Selling a R Rated Title to kids

    I think your a huge pussy and should get shot. But yk, thats just me. This thread is a waste of time and should get closed. Kthnxbye
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    The Official NBA Thread

    Yeah...I hate talking too soon. I take my words from before though, the knicks have a small chance of taking it. They just had a 3-game road winning streak...only to face the cavs at home tonight.
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    Drugs and Alcohol -- Brb getting a doctorate in LSD.

    Whos you to say what I can and can't get addicted to?
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    The Official NBA Thread

    The knicks season is down the toilet. I hope we get a good lotto pick
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    Drugs and Alcohol -- Brb getting a doctorate in LSD.

    Unlike a lot of my friends, who have all succumbed to smoking pot after school because they are all cool freshmen now.I don't do drugs. On the other hand, I do something better. I drink. I've gotten drunk more times than I should at my age...I've tried pot, didn't like it, left it alone. I don't...
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    MidnightLucario said to give this topic a cool name.

    You look liek a mexican chinese mix with some swedish in it. Ill call you the weird swedechexican.
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    Nickelodeon's 2009 Kids' Choice Awards

    lol, I remember when I was watched this. I was like 10. Though, I do advise everyone to VOTE MICHAEL PHELPS BEST MALE ACTOR
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    Cartoons today: Why do they suck?

    I'll give you the Looney Toons, and the adult swim. But, nowadays...Cartoons before the adult swim hour are aimed at kids. Of course most of it won't make sense, its aimed at kids. Most kids like stupid comedy. They like fart jokes. I hate to see that everytime I come onto this forum I see a...
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    Cartoons today: Why do they suck?

    Cartoons nowaday don't suck. You're just too old to be watching them.
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    Serebii metioned on TV!

    Hahahaha, how exciting. (sarcastic) Tho, congrats on becoming a nerd idol Joe. Now its official.
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    MidnightLucario said to give this topic a cool name.

    5'10''...at 14 its not bad. Um. ok?
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    You know you text too much when...

    Eh, people who text a lot are usually more sociable. This girl must be popularrr as helll.
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    MidnightLucario said to give this topic a cool name.

    Damnit Josh, I'm ****ing 14 man. Heres a pic, btw. Me and my dad in L.A. ^Bad picture of me but I had to update my non-pubertuous status.
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    NFL & NCAA Football Thread

    Yeahhhh cardinals and steelers. I can't wait for this steelers game, from what I've seen during the last two times them and the ravens played, i know its gonna be a hard *** game