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    Lunar's Art Shop of Magic!

    Welcome to, (*Drumroll*), Lunar's Art Shop of Magic! (*Applause*) Ok I'm gonna stop with the actions and introduce myself. :p My name is LunarWolf, (obviously ;)). I use the programe GIMP 2.6, and I'm quite new to the digital art buisness, so my artwork might not be the best. I can do...
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    New Serebii member! :)

    Hi, my name (username) is LunarWolf. As you can see by my username, I love Wolves. I am a shiny hunter and a cloner but sadly I don't get any wifi up here. :'( My fav pokemon of all time is Mighteyena (due to it being wolf related) and my 2nd fav is Cinccino. All hail the cutness! I'm always...