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    Thrashed and Scattered RP (Rated PG-15) Sign Ups

    Hello and Welcome to the Thrashed and Scattered RP. I am DragoniteA7X and this is my first RP thread for Serebii Forums. I hope you all enjoy this. Plot: Thousands of years ago, the world of pokemon was in complete unison. The species of pokemon was this special species that got along with...
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    Top 10 Songs and Top 10 Musicial Artists

    Post your top 10 songs here followed by your top 10 bands and your favorite song by your top 10 bands. Here is how mine goes. Top 10 songs 1. Unholy Confessions - Avenged Sevenfold 2. The Beast and the Harl0t - Avenged Sevenfold 3. The Final Episode (lets change the channel) - Asking Alexandria...
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    Choose a song that fits the person above

    I am not sure if anyone has made one of these because I just joined not that long ago but here is how the game is played. You name a song that fits the person that commented above you and so on for example. Person 1: American Idiot by Green Day Person 2: Hero by Skillet Person 3: Almost...