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    Rain volt turn

    My new offensive rain team I have been using it for a while and have found that it is largely successful however it still has its problems dealing with specific threats politoed@leftovers trait: drizzle ev: 252 hp/252 def nature bold - scald - protect - perish song - toxic...
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    We will survive

    This is my new OU team that i have been using on PO for a little while now, while it's been quite succesful it has a somewhat large flaw, that strangely enough I cant figure out. So thats why I would really appreciate it if someone could help me figure out the problem that this team has...
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    competitve 5th gen team This is my new 5th gen team and the first team i want to use to battle competitively. Now on with the show: The team: ferrothorn, sizor, conkeldurr salamence, gyarados, snorlax Ferrothorn@leftovers Ability: iron barbs Ev...
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    We have arrived

    This is the riskiest team i have every made or seen I know it has a lot of weekness but i fully believe it could work one way or another. Team Blissey Rhydon scizor gyarados salamence conkuldurr Blissey@leftovers ability: serene grace Ev: 252 hp, 252 spd, 4 SAtk nature...
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    First ever Competitive team

    This is my first ever cometitive team so pls give lots of feedback and constructive crit MY team: Garchomp porygon 2 Blaziken cresselia Cloyster scizor (maybe) Garchomp@choice scarf Ability: sand veil Ev: 252 atk, 252 spe Nature: adamant :earthquake :outrage :stone edge...
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    RMT. Is it any good?

    my new pokemon white post game team. please suggest some improvements and items Gyarados: intimadate, adamant -earthquake -aqua tail -ice fang -dragon dance EV spread: 252 attack, 252 special defence, 6 hp chanderlure: flash fire, modest -williow wisp -flamethrower -shadow ball...
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    New post game team

    I really like this team and i think it has potential, so give me your honest opinion. also i have'nt chosen items for all of my team so any suggestions would be great. cloyster: skill link nature: adamant ev spread: 252 attack, 252 defence, 6 hp item: kings rock attacks -shell break...
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    post storyline white team. Please give feedback

    I've decided to change my team when i complete the story mode of pokemon white and as such i need some advice on my new team, items and natures. jellicent. water absorb -recover -willow wisp -surf -hex/shadow ball arcanine. flash fire -morning sun -wild charge -flare blitz/flame...
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    pokemon white please rate

    For my Pokemon white team I have decide to take out my starter Pokemon as quite frankly other than serperior with perversity I don't think there anything special. Simipour. Gluttony -scold -ice beam -Brick break -Acrobatics Ferrothorn. Steel thorns -Curse/ hone claws -Leech seed...
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    modified pokemon white team, but still needs advice

    I have made some modifications but i still need some advice if anybody could recomend some items and the last pokemon for my final team spot, from the 3pokemon stated it would be very much appreciated. Serperior: Overgrow Nature: Adamant Item: leftovers -Coil -Leaf Blade -Dragon Tail...
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    5th gen team

    i need advice for 5th gen team Another potential pokemon team. i havent chosen natures or items. samrott. torrent -ice beam -surf -dig -x scissor ferrothorn. steel thorns -iron head -power whip -rollout -ingrain volcarona. flame body -butterfly dance -flamethrower/fire...
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    my pokemon white team

    This is my pokemon white team. I havent got round to doing the natures or items yet. serperior. overgrow -swords dance -leaf blade -dragon tail -double team chandelure. flash fire -calm mind -flamethrower -shadow ball -energy ball carracosta. solid rock -shell break...