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    The Serebii Premier League Returns! Season 1!

    Welcome all to the Serebii Premier League! Sign Ups Complete! Get your Battles Done! Hello and welcome to the Serebii Premier League. This is a league designed to incorporate people of all walks of the “pokemoning” profession, it has a unique format that will allow us to have people of...
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    On the Nature of Numerical and Analytical Methods...

    I have now completed my first Year of my A-Levels (Well 6 weeks or so ago), the subjects that I am studying are Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Religious Studies. I have recently first come across a number of Numerical Methods for solving problems. In my GCSE years I did Trial and Improvement...
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    Serebii Premier League 2

    Intro and Signing up Stuff: Hello and welcome to the Serebii Premier League ~ Version 2. This was and still is a league designed to incorporate people of all walks of the “pokemoning” profession, it has a unique format that will allow us to have people of differing abilities competing in the...
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    Garchomp, Deoxys-S and Wobb

    OK, lets take a look at Shoddy's usage statistics for June: http://shoddybattle.com/stats One thing stands out to me and this is Garchomp. Over 10000 more usages than gengar, its second closest rival. So with garchomp sitting at 50000 odd and gengar at 40000, it is now obvious that...
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    Windows Movie Maker

    Every Time i try to open a saved project in Windows MOvie Maker, on this computer. It just closes the window. Does anyone know the cause of this, or how to fix it?
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    SD Card?

    I got a new Camera, and I want to use my SD CArd in it but I am encoutering problems. If it helps my new camera is a Kodak EasyShare V705, and my old one was also a Kodak Easy Sharme camera but was an older model, it was smaller and grey: I put the SD Card in and Turn it on: 1. Memory Card...
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    Youtube Video Introductions

    Is anyone here able to make an intro for me, Or can anyone point me in the direction of someone who can. Thanks in advance. PM me for deatils of what i want on it
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    Windows Movie Maker

    On Windows Movie Maker, is there any way of adding and effect (like speeding up) to the whole movie, or do you have to do it clip by clip?
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    Video Editing Software

    I am looking for simple software that i can edit videos with, (mainly editing out parts of the videos and then adding credits at the end) Is there likely to be this software already on my computer, and if not, what is a good cheap brand that i can use? Thanks in advance
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    How did you beat PBR?

    When i first played through PBR is used the rental passes, and i have one save file reserved speciafically for rental pass use, trying all of the colloseums with the rental pass, as i find their mostly NFE element a little more interesting and challenging, especially playing through the game the...
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    Poll Removel

    Hoe do i remove a poll from a thread now that the poll is finished?
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    Most Effective Combination of these pokemon

    I have finally got around to training two teams of pokemon and a couple of extras, could someone please point out the best combinations of the pokemon that i have trained so i can start looking at more complex strategy, thanks! (The later ones are more OU, but i want to keep my team a little...
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    Battle Points

    What is the quickest way to pick up battle points in pokemon emerald?
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    IV spreads on Shoddy

    I'm not sure where to put this post, i put a post in the help section but no mods answered it so i'm going to put it here until somebody moves it. What IV spreads do you use on shoddy, i was just wondering because i know know what people consider fair etc... what do you think?
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    QUestion on where to post

    Where should i post a discussion about shoddy battle (online battle simulator), It doesn't seem to fit any of the categories, thanks for the help!
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    Custom Made Banners/Userbars

    Where can i get custom made banners or userbars for the members of my league? Thankyou
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    IV check in Emerald

    HOw do you check for IVs in Emerald/3rd Gen. I have 18 Adament Beldums (I want thunderpunch) waiting to have their IVs checked, is there any way i can chack their IVs without leveling them up without EVs? I have XD but not colosseum available to me
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    Picture Below Your Description

    I'm not that new here anymore, but there is a little picture below where it says, community worker, or beggining trainer, what does that picture mean, i think it changes, are there anyway of changing it or is it a mark of how long you've been here? Thanks
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    How do you think the Pokemon Games will end?

    How do you think Nintendo will end the series (or how you think they should), Mention any charachters that might come up, how many pokemon there will be and what format the game will be in. What i want is a 5th Generation that Will have 3 games, just like Gold, SIlver Crystal, there will be 8...
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    Are you looking to Improve as a beginner Battler?

    If you are come and join the serebii premier league (just click on the link in my signiature. If you are a beginner the Weedle division is just right for you, as you improve you may move up the divisions. It's a good way of seeing how good a battler you are compared to other battlers, please...