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    Got mew?

    Many times :D There are other Pokemon you can get if you fight with another trainer
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    Save a Type

    Ice Saved ~ Dragon x1 Fighting x1 Fire x1 Flying x2 Ice x1 Psychic x1 Steel x1
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    Dream Job

    I want to be Police and after I want to Investigator. Investigate murders etc
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    Save a Type

    Ice saved ~ Fighting x1 Flying x2 Ground x2 Psychic x1 Steel x1
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    If you could live anywhere in hoenn where would it be?

    Verdenturf. It's peaceful and I really like small towns
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    Best Water Pokemon

    Feraligatr, Poliwrath and Gyarados ~
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    The Super Effectiveness Game

    Charizard used Fire Blast! ~
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    Save a Type

    Ice saved Electric x1 Fighting x2 Flying x2 Grass x1 Ground x2 Ice x1 Psychic x1 Steel x1
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    Hardest Gym Leader

    Whitney. Stupid Milktank!
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    Which Pokémon did you catch first?

    Pidgey or Rattata. I don't really remember
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    What would you be in the world of Pokemon?

    A regular trainer. Catch Pokemon and travel around ^^
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    Worst Pokemon Green sprites

    Mew... scary and ugly Venusaur and Gastly too
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    Birth Date Pokemon?

    11th of February (#60) Kanto - Poliwag Johto - Gengar Hoenn - Nosepass I like Poliwag and Gengar but not Nosepass
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    What is your favorite music?

    Viridian Forest, Route 1 and Pellet Town. Pellet Town is the best one Bring back memories... love RBY music!
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    ~ The Pokemon Adventures FanClub ~

    Which PokeSpe Main Character does match your personality the best? That's hard. Maybe a mix between Red, Sapphire and Crystal hehe :3
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    ha okay (:

    ha okay (:
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    fine thanks :) you?

    fine thanks :) you?
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    What's the BEST shows you've ever seen.

    - NCIS (number 1) - Family Guy - My name is Earl - Midsomer Murder - Friends
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    Hi there! ^^

    Hi there! ^^
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    ~ The Pokemon Adventures FanClub ~

    I see that the club isn't that active... T_T here, I found a Pokemon Special quiz. Who are you of the Dex Holders? I'm Red ^^ http://www.quizilla.com/quizzes/7665228/what-pokemon-adventures-special-character-are-you