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    Favorite Third-Installment Pokemon Game

    Hi there! In this thread you say wich remake pokemon game you like the most and why. It's the same rules that is on serebiiforum
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    I have Pokemon Silver and then I was going to play it it says that was corrupted and then I was trying play Silver soem days after my saved game was gone. I could just press New Game. Some ones game had says that too?
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    Hey there! Do you have Pokemon Gold, Silver or Crystal Version? Or do you have all of then? Would be funny if somesone could say that. And many of you can see that many here on serebii like Johto, the religon of Gold, Silver and Crystal, the most of the four. Why? Do you like Johto more?
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    The worst female Naruto-character

    Yo! Which one is your worst female Naruto-character? Funny if you could tell me that and why
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    Favorite Naruto-Character

    Yo! Do you have a favorite Naruto character? It would be fun if you could send a post here and for everyone here which favorite Naruto character you have and why. Mine is Naruto. ^^ Why? Becuse he's so funny and hyper and that is like me XD
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    Shiny Pokémon?

    Shiny Pokémon? Hey there! ;106; Do you ever catch a Shiny Pokémon in Sapphire, Ruby or Emerlad Version? I have! A Grimer! Not the best Pokémon of all but... It would be fun if someone here could tell if they have cath a Shiny Pokémon and where you find it. I find my Shiny Grimer in...
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    Which episode?

    Hey there! I have seen some videos then Ash got really red in the face then May say something or something and it look really fun XD Can someone please tell me which episode it is?
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    Blue, Red or Yellow?

    Which game do you have of the first Pokemon-game on Game Boy?
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    Eon Ticket

    Hey there! I playing Sapphire Version and I have read that you most have a Eon Ticket so you can arrive Southern Island to catch Latias or Latios. But how do I get a Eon Ticket?
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    Favorite Game

    Which Game Boy/Nintedo game do you like most?
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    Which pokemon-shipping is your favorite?
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    Which is you favorite-guy in Pokemon (Manga)?

    Who's your favorite? I haft to say that my is Gold