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    much Anger such Point

    So I decided to come back to Pokemon for a bit seeing as whatever. Singles is so boring, just rock-papyarer-scissors most of the time. Doubles and Triples, however, are much more fun. I've been exploring in-depth Triples mechanics... and well yeah, they're hard. Doubles, on the other hand, is...
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    Super Doubles Battle Maison

    I beat Singles and Triples, so I'm half way there! I'm on a streak of 10 right now and managed to score a whopping 6,110 in the Battle Institute with this team. It's a weather team that revolves around Sand Stream from my Support Tyranitar as a lead along with a scarfed Sand Force Excadrill and...
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    WiFi Singles

    I've used this team on Showdown to some success and figured I outta try it out on WiFi. Nidoking and Aegislash are the closest bros (Even though Aegis is a girl ».») synergizing amazingly with eachother, not counting ground types. Kingdra covers the water/fire weakness and synergizes well with...
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    Battle Maison Rain Super Triples RMT

    I figure if I can beat Triples first, Doubles should be much easier. Right now because I don't have access to Zapdos (for some reason no one wants to give me their 3/4 IV offensive Zapdos'), I have to make due with a Jolteon and an Air Balloon >.> either that or... Emolga. I've already beaten...
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    Pokemon X Singles WiFi RMT

    I've been playing competitive Pokemon for a bit, and I seem to have gotten a bit of a grasp of it on Showdown where I run Hyper Offensive teams... that are obliterated by physical walls - I'm looking at you Slowbro - and have done as well on my 3DS. I have about 10 Pokemon (with perfect IVs) in...
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    TarTar’s Trades! Hello, I trade Pokémon with a competitive mindset. I’ve been around Pokémon since first Gen and got into the idea of the competitive scene in Gen 4. With X and Y competitive battling has taken a turn for the better with the new IV breeding and EV training mechanics. I deal...