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  1. K

    in-game team rate

    can someone give me suggestions on moves for my team. im gonna restart my soul silver and id like some constructive criticsm just in case there are any better natures or moves i should use for my team. thank you 1.infernape nature:mild/rash moveset heat wave blaze kick close combat calm...
  2. K

    team rate ss

    i have my in game soul silver team. i would just like some suggestions on movesets or items for my team. feraligatr nature:adamant item:muscle band Moveset dragon dance ice punch aqua tail nothing right here now(deciding on super power or might pur waterfall back on there not sure)...
  3. K


    i evolved my togetic before level 50. this may sound dumb but will it still learn air slash and aura sphere when i level it up more
  4. K

    hold items for my future team

    i have my in game soulsilver team already bred with the moves and natures i want i just dont know which hold items to give them. my team is feraligatr nature:adamant moveset dragon dance ice punch aqua tail superpower electivire nature:hardy moveset thunderbolt brick break ice...
  5. K

    twewk on my future team (ss)

    ok i posted my future in game team before but now ive made a few more changes but i would stil like some assistance with it so here i go: feraligatr nature: jolly/adamant (hopefully jolly) moveset dragon dance aqua tail ice punch super power( maybe) i think im gonna breed this one and...
  6. K

    hello everyone

    hi im kinda new to the site. ive made a couple posts but not alot. i just want to say hello officaially to every one on serebii and i hope i can make alot of friends and learn new things from every one
  7. K

    (SS) Raichu or elctivire

    when soul silver comes to the u.s. im gonna get it but im having trouble with my future team. i already know im gonna use feraligatr nature=adamant(hopefully) move set ice fang waterfall/earthquake hydro pump ice punch/ dragon claw venasaur nature=calm move set magical leaf leaf...