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    The Path of Thorns

    The Path of Thorns Index Chapter One Chapter Two A/N: The second chapter will be uploaded two days from now, as the first is so short. After that, this will be updated on a weekly basis until I clear my backlog of chapters, slow down and inevitably lose interest, leaving the story...
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    How do you approach writing?

    The title kinda speaks for itself, but as this post needs more fleshing out, I'll elaborate :P When you get the urge to write, what do you do? Do you think up an idea and plan the story out, or do you only write when you've already got an idea on your mind, and just write whatever you think...
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    Into The Fire: Rise Of The Red Star (Revision 2, PG 15)

    ~Foreword~ Ok, I know it's very bad of me to start another new thread, but I'm really unhappy with the early chapters, and I'm too much of a perfectionist to leave it as it is. It's much easier to revise on a chapter by chapter basis, so I'm starting a new thread to do so. Who knows, maybe more...