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    Azure Shiny Shop

    Azure's Shop of Flawless, Shiny Pokemon Rules__________ status:Closed 1.Follow all SPPf rules. 2.PM me or post your offers. I will PM you if I'm interested or not. 3.Please read my Wants section before offering. 4.NO HACKS. If I traded you a hack, massage me varifing it, and I'll refund give...
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    rate my trick room team

    Rhyperior@Ground gem lightningrod Adament -stone edge -earthquake -megahorn -protect Escavalier@Bug gem Swarm Adament -poison jab -protect -counter -megahorn Conkeldurr@quick claw Sheer force Adament -bulk up -rock slide -protect -poison jab Magnezone@rocky helmet Magnet pull modest...