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    I wasn't as lucky to get Pokemon Platinium before the wi-fi events like Darkrai's Membership Pass and Rotom key. Its pretty sad how it turned out,but anyway: I saw the information about the Rotom Secret key event was held in Japan 2 times. Event was held again for some reason. Will it occur also...
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    Ladies and Gentelmen,presenting special version...But will it be?

    Soooo... I want to ask you something... But for first:do ya know that in Japan is a special versont of Nintendo DS Lite? Featuring Dialga and Palkia: But the question is... will be there an edition for Pokemon Center official site? They arent saying nothing about.But there is a chance?
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    Explosion Team *rate it please*

    I've been testing my Sapphire team for very looooong time. I tried it in Pokemon NetBattle on net but next i go to a Pokemon Party in Germany and then i have about 20 battles and i loose only with 2 matches. But if you can, rate it please! The name etc. all reserved by me :] Ah I almost...
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    New episode revalated...

    "I got a Pachirisu..!" OK but who?? when?? how?? Isn't it suprised episode?? We have 2 points after and an "!". What it will mean?? Who will earn Pachirisu? I have 2 theory. 1. Ash will cath one. But... What will become from Pikachu? 2 points after the main title... Look at it... It will be an...
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    My stupid question that all know

    All are taking about a password to Pokemon Mystery dungeon and some resque... What it is about? I want to know all masters of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!
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    Partner go or not?

    Hi! I just ended Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Recue Team on my Nintendo DS. I know that you can now choose partners and leadres freely. I wanted to go and evolve but i cannot leave partner. Then i wanted to go to a Dungeon. Then My partner said we must discuss... About team leaders and partners...
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    Something from technical problems

    Hello! I've just brought my new Pokemon game-Mystery dungeon Blue Rescue Force. It is just just ok but... my friend have DS too and she want to play that game too. I heard about game download but i dont understand how to use it. I ve tryed to turn my DS on and my friend turn the download mode...
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    General Pokemon Names Thread

    Hello for all who want to disscus about the mean of Pokemon names of all generation ^^.Even in english even in japanese. We will try to analyse the parts of Pokemon names and the meaning words that bulild that name. Ok... Then I will start ^^ : Nyaruma(Nyarumaa) Pokemon cat that is shown in...
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    Who you are?

    Disscus about Pokemon mystery dungeon here so far hehe...I think that thread alredy existed for a while... but when we have US version showed up tell ya what pokemon are you? And i have a one question... In GBA version i was a Chikorita and in DS version? Can i be one? I know that in red is fire...
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    Whats with Wi-Fi?

    You all know from serebii that Diamond and Pearl have an Wi-Fi connection.I have few questions about it.I have an high speed internet and i want to buy a USB connector for DS.Will it work with Diamond/Pearl?They talk about a something called "router". Im from poland and i dont understand all...
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    Secret base secrets and your own base !

    Hi ! i m soo inspired by sectet bases .. me and my friend mix sime records on our pokemon games .. i fight him every day ! but i have prob .. i try to found a bid sesret base with 2 "rooms"(you know ..a path that connect 1 room with 2 )or a base with long path from enterance and on end it is a...
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    Where to ?

    i dont know .. I can make thread like this or not .. ok by the way .. where to free download pokemon fire red and leaf green rom to emulator ? if i cant open thread like this i m sorry .. i dont know ... but if i can anser my question thinx in future
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    ahhhhh ... i have nintendogs !! this is best game ever (But in games other than pokemon)... but i have a prob .. i teach my dog some tricks .. but when i for example call its name she dont go to me !! why ?? maby it take time to know completly her neme ?? it is 1st day ... what you think ??
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    I need help !!

    Hi !! i m thinking about buy new Nintendo ds ... but i cant sell my GBA !! why ?? when i will have DS i cant link with my pokemon XD and Pokemon Colloseum !! question : is an adapter to connect to it an cable to link GBA or connect to this adapter an cable to Nintendo Gamecube ?? please help me...