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    Pokémon Nova

    Pokémon Nova .:: Pokémon Nova ::. Banner Coming Soon... Rated: PG-13 for Violence, Adult Themes About: Here it is folks, my little project I was working on when KD became a little slow to write and sprite. I've worked flat out for the last few weeks, and decided to post a full on drama...
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    .:: Pokémon KD (Kanto Dimension) ::.

    .:: Pokémon KD (Kanto Dimension) ::. Welcome to the Pokémon KD (Kanto Dimension) Thread! .:: Rated PG-13 ::. Genre: Journey/Comedy/Romance/Drama .:: Comics ::. Click the comic's name to view it. Introduction Comics: In these two comics, the backstory mentioned above is shown, and...
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    .:Pokémon Shade Generation:. (Rated T)

    .:Pokémon Shade Generation:. (Rated T) Hello fellow FanFic'rs! I thought I'd post my new fic here and now. I must warn you, I'm not the best writer, so please point out any mistakes, grammer, spelling etc. And this fic is a journey fic, but with enough twists to delay it from being too cliche...
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    Preview of Upcoming Fan Fic (A.K.A. the Prologue)

    Btw, I'm pretty sure it's cool to post it here since it's only a preview: Hey ya'll, I'm writing a new fic that is kinda a journey with some (hopefully) original ideas incorporated. I thought I'd post up a preview a.k.a. the Prologue and I'd like you guys to give the preview a read- hopefully...
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    .:: Pokémon Nova ::.

    .:: Pokémon Nova ::. Hey ya'll. This here is my new comic, and I swear on my computer that it is not at all generic journey Pokémon comic. Don't forgot to post and really treat this comic good- so NO SPAM! Rated PG-13/15 for Violence and Adult Themes .:: Pokémon Nova ::. Story Coming...
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    Pokémon: DemiGuard

    Pokémon: DemiGuard Hey all, this is my new comic, trying to stray from being cliché! It doesn't revolve around Pokémon a lot at the start, so be patient. Right now, we got a two part introduction, if people like it, I'll make more! Enjoy: Pokémon: DemiGuard Season 0: Introductions Intro...
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    What Old Gen Pokémon do you think will return?

    What Old Gen Pokémon do you think will return? Couldn't find another thread like this... So far the following old pokemon have returned: Sodowoodo Snorlax Mantine Mr Mime Sneasel Geodude, Graveler, Golem Psyduck and Golduck Sycther and Scizor Wooper and Quagsire Catepie, Metapod...
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    4th Generation Pokemon Attacks

    Simple thread really, type what attacks you think some of the newer pokemon will be able to use (Attacks we already know, don't make any up). For example: Manyula (sp?): We know it can use Revenge. Buizeru: I think it can use Water Pulse and Double Edge. Tamata (sp?): Probably any Mantine...
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    Pokemon Starters Theory Thread

    THis is a thread bout what u think the starters should be like. SHould they be Part Dark or should they be part fighting. U decide. I say that: Grass Starter should maybe be either part Flying, Dark, Bug or Fighting Water Starter should maybe be either part Flying, Fighting or Psychic Fire...