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    Fiore 2.0 [PG-13]

    This fanfic is rated PG-13 for language and violence. I noticed a sad lack of things pertaining to Pokémon Ranger, so I decided to write this. It's been in the works for a long while, actually. Table of Contents: I will say I'm one of those people who treats the names of pokémon as common...
  2. K


    I'm usually on tumblr, where Homestuck is prevalent, so I'm wondering if anyone else here likes it.
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    Not Another Adventure!

    http://i1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa439/Electricmudkip/naabanner.png We update whenever! I want to write a parody/humor fic about my playthrough of Pokemon Platinum, so here it is! It verges into crossover territory, as characters from other things will appear. Summary: Mary is forced to...
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    Super SoulSilver

    So... this is a Pokemon and Mario crossover, loosely based on SoulSilver. Index: Chapter 1: Red and Green: This Post Chapter 2: Silver Souls: Here Chapter 1: Red and Green It was a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach sat outside, relaxing after...
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    Coexistence: Land and Sea

    Who's right? Aqua or Magma? Well, neither, but they don't think so... Coexistence Part 1:Fire, Water, NINJA?! 1:Trespassing isn't THAT bad! 2:Luke's (kinda obvious) secret 3:Mortal Enemies
  6. K

    The Two of The Sky Part 1: Computer Daze

    This is my new story. It will go through the four regions, in the order I played through them. The first part is Hoenn. Prologue Violet City, 5 years ago “WAIT, WHAT?!” A loud shout erupted from the forest of thick, tall trees. The source of the noise came from the center of the...
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    The Grovyle Wannabe

    Um... Hi. I'm Kiyuni. I like drawing (2 things I'm notable for drawing a lot of are Grovyle and Bugsy.) ... Well, I got the name Kiyuni from the nickname of my Treecko.