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    Togepi, Marill and Misdreavus Sugimori pics.

    I have pics of all of the pokemon on my pc, but I can't find good ones of these three pokemon. I have new ones of Sugimori, but all ols ones have wbsite logos or something on the picture. Anyone has the one without anything on it? New ones: Togepi Marill Misreavus Old ones I want...
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    Outlaw Star Opening

    Does Anyone know the artist(s) and the title of the opening from the anime Outlaw Star?
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    The Official (Bumpable) Sugimori and Co. Artwork Thread

    I always enjoy Sugimori artwork very much. The pokemon are best when they are drawn by Ken Sugimori, I think. This is to post special things Sugimori made, it don't have to be pokemon. With special, I mean work that not had been made public, such as lost promote art, or wallpapers. I have a few...
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    surfing Raichu

    Hi, I'm planning to make a Raichu. I already got two Pichu with Modest nature and surf. I'm looking for a good moveset and maybe hidden power. I don't know anything about IV's, but I always EV-train. Can you please help me with a moveset and EV plan? And which Pichu is better? It must be a...
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    Is this Lugia rare?

    Hi, I have a Lugia from Unseen Forces. It's exactly like the picture below, but it is Holo and the name Lugia is gold. The star is silver. I'm sure it's not a fake. Is it rare and how much is it worth?
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    Heracross ?

    On my pokemon gold, I only need a Heracross besides Celebi. But that pokemon is so rare. I haedbutt the trees where he is over 600 times, but Spearow and Aipom are the only pokemon that pops out... Can anyone give me a easyer place or tip that will lead me to Heracross? I know it must be in...
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    Do you have all pokemon?

    Hi, i'm busy to collect all pokemon. I have 383 owned. Still need Lugia, but I will have it soon, because I have XD. I also need Celebi and Mew. I was wondering how far you are with catching pokemon. .