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    armed dragon deck

    3 armed dragon lv 3 2 armed dragon lv 5 3 armed dragon lv 7 3 armed dragon lv 10 2 red eyes darkness metal dragon 3 masked dragon 2 mirage dragon 1 sangan 1 flying kamakiri 1 spear dragon spells 1 dark whole 1 foolish burial 1 heavy storm 3 level moundation 3 level up 1...
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    team disscusion

    im doing an emerald run right now and need help deciding on my last 2 pokemon these are my current guys i just beat the 3rd gym the eletric one marshtomp lv 24 aron lv 23 swellow lv 23 now i need help deciding on my last 2 team members using the last as a hm slave
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    hdtv and gaming help

    this is going to sound so noobish when i go to my hdtv and want to play games after ive turned my console on which is a wii and then nothing shows up so i try all of the modes they are tv hdmi video pc and nothing pops up can anyone help me and i have all the cords in there respecting place i...
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    dragon quest monster joker 2

    the game that was realesd yesterday i love t Ive been playing it a lot so share your thoughts on this game and other things
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    The Dragons of Legend League

    Hello and welcome. Your journey is just beginning here. Here Dragons are the most powerful of all beings and rule as such. Your journey will be long and diffacult, and only the best of the best will reign victorious. Will you be one of the few? Rules Follow all SPPF rules Standard...
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    blank screen on youtube

    when i go to youtube and try to watch videos all that comes up it a black blank screen i can see the comments but not the screen please help
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    what are some of the places you have vacationed and what are some of youre stories
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    haxourus or hydreigon

    wich of these dragons do you perfer i ike hydreigon better
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    rate my first team

    ZORARK illusion 252 sp atk. 252 spd 4 hp timed night daze nasty plot u turn grass not ok he is my lead im going to pare him with machamp so i can trick psychic pokemon im hoping he can take down a poke before my opponet notices my illusion night daze for his strongest move nasty plot to set up u...
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    ohko moves

    i jus hate these i dont these should hav been envited was fighting a rainer on route 13 the trainers pokemon like seaking and goldenn all of there horn drills hit my pokemon knocking out 5 of mine what are you thoughts on these moved discuss
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    fav poke bird

    mines starly
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    can you draw

    i cant im a terible artist
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    rate my yugioh deck

    dark magician dark magician girl a man with wdjat skilled dark magician tuned magician 3 handcuffs dragon opticlops infernity necromaster mtstical elf dark blade breaker the magical warrior strike ninja twin headed bethemoth slate warrior luster dragon summond skull homunculus...
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    whitch yugioh series do you like the best

    original gx 5d i like the original the best
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    house of anubis

    who likes this discuss
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    dragon quest ix

    who plays this game discuss about it
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    how far do you think ash will go in his bw league

    i think he will get to the championship but loose to that traner
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    best music from the sinnoh saga

    what is youre fav music from the sinnoh saga
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    how come the writers...

    put in towns that arent in the games
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    the ultimate pokemon is keckleon

    youre attacks do mostly 1 or 2 damag and more and more just keep coming he is the ultimate pokemon in the game