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  1. Nightmare Fuel

    unlucky/unfair pokemon moments

    This is about silly trades/finding shinies and basically running out of luck. Take some weeks ago, i caught a shiny zebstrika. My pal wanted it so badly when i left to wave him goodbye, i was left with a MAGIKARP lvl 1. I never trade again.
  2. Nightmare Fuel

    Sonic colors and a generations point.

    Yep. Sonic colors. Good game, ACTUAL DS HOMING ATTACKs! *sonic rush had inaccurate* and the fact that sonic annoys classic in generations by saying "enjoy your future!' even though hes gonna die (sonic 06?)
  3. Nightmare Fuel

    Sonic unleashed

    Not sure if there is already this thread... Anyway I just happened to be playing it and thought how many people are there that still play this. I think its a good game (completion almost) but does anyone else play it?
  4. Nightmare Fuel

    Interactive Things in games

    So, we have the Contests in D/P (Not sure about platinum) And Pokeathlon in HG/SS, and finally, The musical on B/W. Which was the best? IMO, they should have put Musicals in HG/SS and Pokeathlon in B/W, because more pokemon would be able to participate.
  5. Nightmare Fuel

    Krook (Weird and awful) Sprite form

    Okay, So, the fakemon failed, but I ARE FUSING POKEMON Good, huh?
  6. Nightmare Fuel

    Team *insert name here* Fails

    In your team when battling, if any, what failed? And others, like team rocket. Because Zubats, meowths and ratattas will EASILY Stop a random girl or boy with a flame hedgehog, a Small baby crocodile and a... thing with a leaf on its head. Discuss.
  7. Nightmare Fuel

    Pokemon Designs

    Aren't they getting weirder by the generation? Eggsecute: eggs Mr mime: Mime Voltorb: Pokeball Now... Vanniluxe: two headed smoking ice cream Garbodar: Trash pile with a creepy mouth and some finger Stoutland: Colossal puppy with mustache and two paws. What do YOU think??
  8. Nightmare Fuel

    Suicidal Pokemon (Bad Pokemon Types)

    So, Pokemon with BRILIANT typing. So brilliant they can make themselves faint. My example is archeops. Two archeops in battle, ones yours, ones the opponents. Since its rock/flying, Foe Archeops used rock slide! There's one example. mostly with fossil pokemon. Any more?