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    Looking for some pokemon!

    Hello, I can trade on Pokemon home or UsUm since these pokemon are not in the game yet. LF: Unown A Unown B Unown E Unown F Unown G Unown H Unown J Unown K Unown L Unown M Unown N Unown O Unown P Unown Q Unown S Unown T Unown U Unown W Unown X Unown Z Unown ? FT: Any pokemon that isn't...
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    Anyone else love the Gym Battles?

    So I have been playing Sword for maybe 3 days now and let me say the Gym battles are so HYPE! The music, fans, and surroundings make it feel intense. I wish I could say more but I do not know how to describe it! I just love it. So who else enjoys the Gym Battles?
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    Trade finished please close!