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  1. Uber Sonata

    USA based Pokemon team

    So I've been coming up with Pokemon team themes and OCs in my spare time. Recently I made a team based on Utah, and am trying to get a final team member for California. Than a friend of mine wondered about a team based on the USA. I've got some ideas, but want to ask other people about their...
  2. Uber Sonata

    LF: Grookey + Leek

    I just need Grookey, and I'll have all Pokemon I wouldn't be able to find in the wild. I also need a Leek to make it easier to evolve my Farfetch'd. Give me an offer and I'll see what I have to trade for it.
  3. Uber Sonata

    LF: Version Exclusives

    I've finished the story and am now trying to fill up my Pokedex. Currently I can trade these Pokemon for Version Exclusives (prefer trading for their counterparts): Galaxian Ponyta Galaxian Corsola Oranguru Eiscue Lunatone Indeedee F Vullaby Applin with Sweet Apple Croagunk Larvitar Goomy Also...
  4. Uber Sonata

    Looking for Zeraora

    Like an idiot, I guess I forgot to put in my Zeraora code. I didn't know they expired. Can anyone help me in getting one?
  5. Uber Sonata

    Raid Battle Thread

    I thought it would be a good idea to set up a thread where someone can ask for assistance for other Pokemon Go players in Raid Battles if they're wanting to get a specific Raid Battle pokemon or some other reason. That being said, I'm hoping to get a Giratina before they go away. If there's...
  6. Uber Sonata

    Yo-Kai Watch Series Discussion and Trade Thread

    I though I'd start up a thread for Yo-Kai Watch here for anyone who wants to talk about it and/or trade with anyone here.
  7. Uber Sonata

    Greetings from Uber Sonata

    Greetings and salutations! I have recently landed my ship onto the region known as the Serebii.net Forums, and wish to establish myself amongst your community. I originally come from the Land of Uber, my homeland, but have also touched base at the Atari Forums in the Godzilla section. I am...