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    do you have a daily routine?

    I usually go around to all the berries I've planted and water them, then I go to Hearthome City for some practice for Contests then I train up a new contest pokemon and see how they go in a Normal contest. After that's all done and dusted I have a crack at the Master Contest with my Torchic...
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    Favorite Sinnoh Pokemon and why?

    I really like Piplup, she is really really cute and is my second fav poke. My fav is Torchic from the 3rd generation.
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    Nickname your pokémon?

    My fav nicknamed poke is my Growlithe she is called Laura.
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    "GRASS" the worst starter and possibly type??

    I don't see how grass pokemon can be considered weak, Some like Torterra can take down an entire team with combonations of Solarbeam, Sunny Day and Giga Drain.
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    ~The Hoenn Region Club~

    Username: lilpup7 Your favorite thing about Hoenn? Everything!, Torchic, the water routes, the tropical feel! and May and Max :3
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    What is your favorite unevolved pokemon?

    Torchic and Piplup are the cutest little things, they're just so god damn cute XD
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    Pokemon Riddle

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    What is your favorite 3rd generation Pokémon?

    My fav is Torchic and Zangoose a close second :D
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    Mayonaka Graphics

    ThankyouThankyouThankyou! It looks so CUTE!!
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    Mayonaka Graphics

    I'd like a Decorated Userbar from MM! Pokemon (cannot be animated): Torchic and Piplup Popout or not: Yes please Colors: Red and Blue Text: Little Birdz Extra: Piplup on the right and Torchic on the left. If you can could the side with piplup have bubbles and the side wih Torchic have...
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    Whoops sorry, I'd like the "yummy apology" font please, if you can get it.

    Whoops sorry, I'd like the "yummy apology" font please, if you can get it.
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    Mayonaka Graphics

    I’d like a Feature Banner from pkmnfn! Images (up to 2): Torchic Background colors/background image: Fire Text: Playing in the forest of fire Font (dafont.com): Curly Popout?: Yes please Extra: Thanks in advance :)
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    hi how ya doing^ ^

    hi how ya doing^ ^
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    hya im so sorry i haven't sent any messages i haven't been online for a while. How have you been?

    hya im so sorry i haven't sent any messages i haven't been online for a while. How have you been?
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    hya peep how ya doing;]

    hya peep how ya doing;]
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    Steel Spriters

    I would like a group pose, please! Trainer: D/P Dawn Pokemon: (Please not too many) Buneary, Riolu, Pachirisu, Igglypuff Effects: (Optional) Text: (Optional) Together 4 Ever!
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    Have you ever had them moments where it's like the game knows what your thinking?

    I hatched 230 eggs trying to get a Aron with sturdy and you know what 230 eggs had the Rock Head ability >:(
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    The Bring Back Bionicle Club, Serebii Forums branch

    Woah.... I havent posted here in a while! Anyways on with the question... What bionicle characters do you to see as sets? It's been probly said before but All that aren't sets!
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    Trickster44's Art Shop

    Hey! Trickster44, I'd like a Userbar! Color(s): Blue Pokemon: Mew and Riolu Text: Lilpup7 Anything else?: Could you make Mew on the right and Riolu on the left with the text in the middle please?
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    Deviant Shop