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    Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl - HELP THREAD [Ask your questions here]

    So I have a question as far as the Synchronize ability and the move Transform interact within the context of the grand underground. I was farming synchronize Pokémon in the grand underground so I could catch Dittos with competitively beneficial natures I.e Jolly, Timid. So I caught an Adamant...
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    Currently playing through Pokémon Silver!

    Currently playing through Pokémon Silver!
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    Your guilty pleasure Pokemon

    Hmmm, I really love using Jynx competitively even though it’s outclassed by a lot of stuff! And I love Purugly and Flareon, both of whom are severely outclassed in competitive play! Guilty as charged
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    Showdown at the Shalour Gym! (847)

    This was honestly one of my favorite gym battles that I've watched. Pikachu's enthusiasm was crazy, especially when it rage bolted after getting hit by aura sphere! The animation was really killer too. Very very enjoyable. So many little details in the angles, music, face-shots, you name it...
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    QR Code Exchange Thread

    Hello, my secret base is on Route 113 next to the Parasol Lady, not too hard to find =) Have fun!
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    A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle! (808)

    I really appreciate the emotional bond that Ash has built with his Fletchling already, it fought so hard for him! This was a great episode in general, with Serena's introduction to the group too! It was refreshing, in my opinion, to see a Surskit used well, as well as a menacing Vivillon!
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    Is there any word as to how early one can catch Jigglypuff? Kinda random, but I'd wanted to include one in my in-game team. I saw that it is late in the mountain dex, but wasn't sure if that directly spoke to its appearance??? Thanks!
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    Pokemon X & Y In-game Team Discussion Thread

    I appreciate your usage of Lanturn! For my X Team, I think I'm in a bit of a pickle, but who isn't? -Chesnaught (Physical Grass/Fighting) -Blastoise (Mixed Bulky Water) -Talonflame (Physical Fire/Flying) -Wigglytuff/Nidoqueen (Mixed Normal/Fairy)/(Mixed Bulky Ground/Poison) -Malamar...
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Weeell, here's my two cents! My final official predictions for the starters and their typings and stats: Take'em or Leave'em! Chespin's Final Evolution: This Generation's Tanky Attacker -Nickname: Lebanon -Grass/Rock -100/108/116/64/76/70 = 534 Total -Very High Attack and Defense -High HP...
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    Butterfree and Me! (791)

    Butterfree separating from Ash was the saddest thing ever, it really grew to love Ash! And Caterpie battling that Ursaring? That was such a cool and epic picture of the bond that Ash and Caterpie had formed. But that stench attack it used... it couldn't have been Electroweb or Bug Bite...
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    Am also hoping for more of a capable Vivillon! I really wanna use it in my main team just for the underdog factor! Am also hoping that we see some more water and poison options! There seem to be quite the plethora of normal types, all of which look really great! Furfrou actually seems like...
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    Fairy-type Discussion Thread

    I personally really enjoy Fairy type coming into being. Not necessarily the type in and of itself, but the opportunities it gives to Poison types and the boost it gives to certain Pokemon. (Wigglytuff and Azumarill are immune to dragon??? What?!?) And poison finally has more incentive to be...
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    Official Black 2 & White 2 Help thread

    Hello, I've been wondering, for quite a while now, how exactly to reach the doubles grass on the Island section of route 18? Thanks for any help!
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    Official Black 2 & White 2 Help thread

    Hey, this might sound like an odd question because the answer is on Serebii.net in the TM's section, but I have looked for TM 30 - Shadow Ball several times in Reversal Mountain and have not been able to find it. I have done the Dowsing and everything, and still am not able to find it. Could...
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    Nuzlocke Challenge

    After taking a one-month break, I've re-continued on in my 2nd attempt of a Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge. Yesterday night, I earned the Dynamo Badge, losing none of my Pokemon! Woohoo! =) I also caught a Numel on Route 112 and... another Numel in the Fiery Cave -__- Oh well =) Here is my team...
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    Least favorite of Ash's Pokemon

    I personally found Gliscor to be an annoying Pokemon. It always seemed like every battle was a struggle for it, and just had a personality that wasn't really suiting with ash's team. He actually reminded me of "Beast Boy" from Teen Titans :D or whatever the green dude's name was. But this is...
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    Nuzlocke Challenge

    Bad news gang >.< Tentacool's rampage against Maxie was successful! However, I lost nuzleaf when fighting a wild Machop, which wasn't a welcome loss. Then, I challenged Flannery (With a new Machop and my Tentacool), and I ended up losing to Torkoal =( Those were my last two Pokemon, so I...
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    That insanely awesome announcer is insanely awesome.

    "Complete Destruction by SHADOW FORCE!" - And it only does like, 10 damage, lol!
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    Religion - A Choice, or a Forced Requisition?

    I'll put my 2 cents in. My testimony is total and complete proof that, unless your life is put in danger by not being what somebody else wants you to be, that religion is a choice. I was raised Christian, and attended church. When I came to college, I fell away, and decided that I didn't...
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    Nuzlocke Challenge

    Well, my challenge got a whole lot more interesting last night. Fortunately, I'm only playing by the original rules, because Archie beat my entire team, and I had only 2 reserves left... Dustox and Seedot 0_0 So, I'm not giving up yet though. I'm going to go catch a Magikarp and train it to...