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    NU Team

    I'm thinking about doing competitive Pokemons and I wanna do NU and someday face my idol. The self proclaimed NU King. So I just wanna get judged on my team and see if there are any suggestions because I am missing items. I'm willing to take suggestions for changes because I'm still not the best...
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    Serpentine's Breeder Shop

    Welcome to Serpentine's Breeding Shop Rules 1. All Serebii.net Forum Rules apply. 2. I do not accept cheated or cloned Pokemon. They're just unnatural. If I suspect you have sent me a cheated/cloned Pokemon I will put you on a blacklist. 3. Please PM me all offers. I don't respond to VMs. 4...
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    Wondertomb and Wondereye

    I know there are status effects weather effects, and entryy hazards but did anyone else think of/try Foresight+Fighting Move? If you eliminate not being able to be hit by a fighting move it's super effective sine it's neutral to Ghost and Super effective to dark.