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    Pokémon Impersonations II

    Pokémon Impersonations II After 2 or 3 months I was finally going to update my old "Pokémon Impersonations" thread again today but it was closed just yesterday so I started a new one, which I'll try to update more often. The ones with their names in red are the new ones. Star Wars: 1...
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    Pokémon Impersonations- Crobatman, Jack Spearow, Darth Maurowak and more!!!

    Pokémon Impersonations- Crobatman, Jack Spearow, Darth Maurowak and more!!! This is some kind of project I've been thinking of lately, Pokémon impersonating characters from other franchises. I have drawn a few today, please tell me what you think and if I just stick to the idea or not :D So...
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    My Homemade Pokémon are back!

    My Homemade Pokémon are back! Here they are: Grass Starter Based on: Iguana- Thorny Devil Type: Grass Ability: Overgrow Moves: Thorn Shot (Grass type, Physical, Power: 100, PP: 10, Accuracy: 90 hits all Pokémon in the field except for the user (like Heat Wave), may cause flinching...
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    Homemade Pokémon

    Homemade Pokémon This are some of the many Pokémon I created, these are some of the ones I like the most, if you like them I'll likely post some others or maybe all of them. If you don't like them please say why. Grass starter Type: Grass Based on: Iguana (The first stage), Short-horned...
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    Is it just me?

    I wanted to know if anyone else had found Shiny Pokémon at the Battle Frontier and how do you feel about it? I've found three and it peaces me off, they were Tentacruel and Nidoqueen at the Battle Factory and Hitmontop at the Battle Tower.
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    EV's for Blaziken

    My Torchic is at level 5 with a Jolly nature but I don't know what EV's give it. It's moveset will be this: -Endure -Reversal -Rock Slide/ Earthquake -Overheat
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    Rate my Emerald team

    OK in my Emerald version I have this team: Blaziken;257; Serious Nature Sky Uppercut Flamethrower Rock Slide Bulk Up/ Swords Dance? Luicolo;272; Bold Nature Rain Dish Rain Dance Dive Toxic Leech Seed Pelipper;279; Calm Nature Surf Ice Beam Double Team Rest...