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  1. Top Skuttler

    Rate The Random!

    It's another rating game! You have to post something totally random. That's it. Simple, isn't it? Okay, I'll start. You should never eat whilst climbing up a tree backwards.
  2. Top Skuttler


    Do you play LoL (League of Legends)? If so, this is the thread for you! Exchange screen names and talk about LoL.
  3. Top Skuttler

    What pokemon would the person above you be if they were one?

    You are a... Slowpoke! The game where you compare the person above you (or anybody who recently posted) to a Pokémon! Please only label somebody a Pokemon from their avatar as a last resort. It makes the game way too obvious. >.>"" "and maybe a little description saying why you are what you are."
  4. Top Skuttler

    1 2 3 4 5, once I caught a fish alive...

    How often do you fish on pokémon? What was the most recent pokémon you fished for? Do you dislike or like pokémon fishing? If you could change anything about pokémon fishing, what would it be? This is the thread for pokémon fishing. Enjoy!
  5. Top Skuttler

    Rate the username above you.

    It's all in the title. 5/10? No getting moody if somebody gives you a low rating.
  6. Top Skuttler

    Rate the username above you.

    Rate the User name above you. Don't get grumpy if somebody give your username a low score. Gliscor. Gliscor score. That's it! If you can be bothered then for example, instead of scoring their username 7, Gliscor score their username 7.
  7. Top Skuttler

    Pokemon you really hate the look of.

    Pokemon you really hate the look of. For example, I dislike the look of Jinx and Mr. mime. What pokemon do you dislike?
  8. Top Skuttler

    What would you do if pokemon didn't exist?

    What would you do without pokemon?! And please don't just say you would play another game (inless what you're saying is really interesting) because that's to be expected (at least by me if nobody else). Rule number 1 is that you can make as many paradoxses as you like. That's the only rule I've...
  9. Top Skuttler


    Hey guys! I'm not new but I didn't have my account confirmed for a while. So err hi! My name is solpokemonfan!