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    Weird Nature

    I just traded my Tangela over from XD and it had a "Serious" nature. I checked the main site and I couldnt find it. I've never even heard of a Serious nature. Is it a glitch?
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    BF Team

    This my future Battle Frontier team Slaking@Choice Band Adament -Return/Hyper Beam -EQ -Shadow Ball -Focus Punch Houndoom@Lum Berry/Leftovers Adament -Flamethrower -Sludge Bomb -Shadow Ball -Howl Sceptile@Leftovers Timid -Leech Seed -Substitute -Leaf Blade -Thunder Punch...
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    My BF Team

    I'm using this team to go after the Battle Dome and Battle Tower Starmie@Leftovers/Petya Berry Modest -Thunderbolt -Surf -Recover -Ice Beam I know, pretty standard Heracross@Salac Berry Adament -Endure -Reversal -Megahorn -Rock Slide/EQ Once again, pretty standard I cant...
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    Viewtiful Joe 2 Help

    I'm at Frost Tiger and I cant damage him enough. Is there any way to cause MASSIVE amounts of damage to him?
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    BF Team

    I'm going to assemble a team for the BF Metagross@? Adament - Meteor Mash - EQ - Shadow Ball - Rock Slide Starmie@Shell Bell Modest - Thunderbolt - Ice Beam - Surf - Recover I cant think of a 3rd pokemon. What should it be?
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    Ditto in Smash Bros.

    Has anyone ever seen Ditto? I've played this game for months and have never seen him
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    Castform Moveset

    Keep in mind that this is for XD so it is going to be Double Battle. Castform@Leftovers Modest Solarbeam Flamethrower Ice Beam Weather Ball I need a good wall. I was considering Snorlax with this moveset Snorlax@Leftovers Nature ? Sunny Day Hail Rain Dance Body Slam?
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    Help with some Pokemon

    I'm going on vacation tomorrow and I plan on training some pokemon. Dusclops@Leftovers? Nature ? WoW Shadow Ball ? ? Metagross@? Adament Meteor Mash EQ Shadow Ball ? Shedinja@? Adament Silver Wind Protect Swords Dance ? Scizor@? Adament Silver Wind Swords Dance...
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    Here is my moveset for my Beautifly: Beautifly@ Silver Powder Naughty -Silver Wind -Toxic -Giga Drain -? I need a 4th move and EVs plz
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    Game Idea

    Shoot Me if this is in the wrong forum. How about a game that is more focused on Contests than on becoming the Pokemon League Champion? You still battle and raise pokemon but for contests instead of Gym Battles. It would be in Shinou not Hoenn. They would have to make the Contests like the Anime...
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    SSBM Tricks

    I cant remember the trophy tricks. Like if you change the background for one of Ganondorfs trophies his eyes turn red or something
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    Will the berries return? If so what kind of new berries would you like to see? I'd like to see a berry that lets you attack right after Hyper Beam. No rest for recharging
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    Games you think are underrated

    What games do you think are underrated? I say Baten Kaitos (sp?)
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    I am using this Houndoom: Houndoom@Lum Berry Sunny Day Solarbeam Flamethrower Crunch Can't remember the nature but it increases Sp. Attack
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    Pokemon for BF

    I need 3 pokemon for the BF. A balanced team plz. I would like to have natures and movesets plz.
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    My moveset for my Charizard has 3 Fire moves. Which is better? Heat Wave Flamethrower Blast Burn I need 2 good moves to replace the 2 Fire moves.
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    Weird Card Rating

    Why is Brocks Zubat Rare? O_o I have a Promo Whismur. Where could I have gotten that?
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    Starmie Moveset

    I was going to use this moveset. Starmie@Leftovers or Lum Berry T-Bolt Surf Ice Beam Psychic Where is a good place to train for SA EV's?
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    I can't find the reporter in Gateon Port! I got Bonsly back to the girl
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    I need help!

    What is the best team for Snattle? I have snagged all the pokemon so far.