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  1. Z

    Need Legendary dogs. Will trade a Shiny Beldum

    I need the Legendary Dogs. I will offer a Shiny, LV. 5, Beldum. I probably wont trade the Beldum for just one of the dogs. So, if you want it, I'll only trade it for two or all three of them. If you want the Shiny Beldum, but do not have what Im looking for, offer. If I like it, I'll trade...
  2. Z

    Looking for Shiny Torkoal. Will offer Shiny Charmander

    As the title says, Im looking for a Shiny Torkoal. I will offer my freshly hatched Shiny Charmander LV5. If you are interested in the Charmander but do not have a Shiny Torkoal, then offer something.
  3. Z

    Need a high LV Gallade, will trade a shiny for it

    I am offering a Legit shiny Charmander for a LV60+(or a bit lower level) Gallade. If you do not have a gallade, but want my shiny Charmander, then make an offer and I'll decide on what to do.
  4. Z

    Need Toxicroak LV50+, will trade legit Manaphy

    As the title says, I need a ENGLISH Toxicroak LV50+. I will trade you a legit manaphy. If you do not have a toxicroak, but want my manaphy, leave your best offer. I'll think about trading it for something else besides toxicroak.
  5. Z

    2 Manaphys available for trade.

    I have 3 manaphys right now. But, I only want to trade away two since I also want to keep one. If you would like one, please leave your offer. The best two offers will get a manaphy in a trade with me. Also, I only want legit pokes
  6. Z

    Where is the move deleter in Leaf Green?

    Can someone please help me. I need to know where the move deleter is in Leaf Green so I can transfer over to Pearl.
  7. Z

    Help me evolve my Magmar (PHIONE AS PRIZE)

    I need someone to help me evolve my magmar. I need someone reliable I can trade with, and expect to get it back. I will give a phione egg to whoever can help me. And also, you get a magmortar added to your pokedex. So you can search for one on the GTS. So, can anyone please help me?
  8. Z

    Phione eggs for trades - Make your offers

    I have about 10 Phione eggs at the moment. And as you can tell, I do not want all of them. If you would like one, please make an offer. These are the pokemon I would like, but if you offer something better then we'll deal. Here are the pokemon I would like: -Toxicroak - LV40 or above -Magby...
  9. Z

    Battle anyone?

    Would anyone like to have a battle? Here are my rules: -3 VS 3 pokemon -LV 100 boost -Singles Battle And thats all. If you are interested you could either post here, or pm me. My online info is in my sig.
  10. Z

    I need to see 3 pokemon to complete my pokedex(PRIZE)

    I only need to see 3 pokemon to complete my pokedex. Whoever can show me all 3 of these following pokemon, I will give a LV50 Lucario. The pokemon are: -Wormadam -Finneon -Lumineon The way I would like this to work is, trade me the 3 pokemon in a trade, and I'll guarrantee I'll give them...
  11. Z

    Ditto + more needed. Check my offers.

    I need a couple of pokemon. Here is a list of what I need. Ditto (I really want Ditto for breeding purposes) Toxicroak Elekid, Electabuzz, Electivire (Either one of these) Togetic Any other offers -Items: Razor Claw (I really need this) Electrizer Magmarizer This is...
  12. Z

    Graveler to golem trade-back (Help)

    I have a Graveler ready to evolve, so I need someone trustworty to trade with. If anyone is interested, please trade me back my graveler after we trade. And to be sure, I would like your strongest pokemon as an offer. Of course, I'll give it back when you give me my graveler. My friend code is...
  13. Z

    Kadabra to Alakazam trade-back (help + prize)

    I have my kadabra waiting to evolve into an Alakazam. I just need someone reliable and trustworthy that I can trade and be sure Im getting it back. To be sure that I'll get it back, I want your best pokemon. And I will give it back, because I want my alakazam more than your pokemon. Anyone who...
  14. Z

    Looking for a manaphy

    I don’t care if its in an egg or if its hatched. I just got my pearl today so Im not very far. If anyone is generous enough to trade me a manaphy for something you get in the beginning of the game, I would be thankful. Thanks.
  15. Z

    D/P Stylus w/ Preorder! (Pic inside)

    Pokemon Diamond: Bonus Offer Order Pokemon Diamond for the Nintendo DS and receive a Collectible Pokemon Diamond Stylus with Dialga Topper Pen and a Stylus Holder FREE! The bonus items will ship with your order and are available while supplies last. See stores for details. Pokemon...
  16. Z

    Question about Pal Park

    Is pal park available from the start of the game? Or do you have to beat the elite four, or do something to get access to it?
  17. Z

    I just caught my very first chansey, and...

    I got Lucky Egg with it. The same thing happened when I caught my very first pikachu in emerald. It came with Light Ball. Anyway, what I would like to know is, how hard is it to find Lucky Egg?
  18. Z

    Hey guys

    As you can tell Im new to this place. I've been checking out the forums for a while, but now I decided to join. From what I've seen this place is great. One thing I like is that the site gets updated almost daily. Thats good. Well thats about all. If you have anything to say to me, don’t be...
  19. Z

    I need suggestions on my octillery

    I've been training it for a while now. I dont get the whole EV thing, but I did my best. Please suggest on what I should change, remove, etc. And Im not going to breed for another one just because the nature might suck. Thanks ;224; holding Leftovers Nature: Rash Lv: 55 HP: 178 ATK:142 DEF:112...