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  1. K

    Diamond Battle Tower Team

    The stupid battle tower is irritating me, and it's time to make a good team for getting my fourth star~~ ;477;Dusknoir -Trick -Memento -Disable -Pain Split Ability: Pressure Item: Choice Scarf Nature: Careful 252 hp, 204 Def, 52 Sp.Def I hope disable isn't too gimmicky there, but I...
  2. K

    Battle Tower Team

    I'm having no luck using my normal pokemon in the battle tower, so I've finally decided to make a team especially for it. ;437; Bronzong-Occa Berry Levitate Relaxed 252hp,48atk,52def,158sp.def -Earthquake -Stealth Rock -Trick Room -Safeguard Just a basic supporter-Sets up stealth...
  3. K


    I suppose i should announce myself sometime around when i join, but oh well. I'm new to the forums, but a very long-time pokemon fan. I've been recently looking to finish off my diamond pokedex, and create a shiny team. If anyone could help me with anything in my sig it would be greatly...