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    Single-Type Team Ideas.

    Tommorow, I'm gonna restart Emerald with a team consisting of one type, and at the moment I can't decide between a Grass, Psychic or Water team. Which of the three would be easiest roughly? Below are some rough ideas on what I'll use, but I'm still not 100% sure. Most Pokémon are ones I've never...
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    Tomb Raider: Legend

    After the failure which was Angel of Darkness, Tomb Raider: Legend was yesterday released in the UK. I bought it today, and so far it's been excellent. The graphics and the pace of the game are pretty good and there are more features added in game (Grapple, PLS, Binoculars etc). I think it...
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    Wi-Fi Help, please. :/

    Right, on the Nintendo Wi-Fi site, my router (D-Link, DSL-G604T) is listed as compatible with Wi-Fi, yet I've been having numerous problems. I've had to resort to the Manual Connection thing, and have filled in all the fields yet it still doesn't connect. I just getting an error message stating...
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    Re-done Ralts

    Bleh, I've been neglecting any sort of art for months (My last serious thing other then scraps I put up on dA was in December. ._.), so to get back to work, I did something pretty simple. I found an old sketch which I had previousy linearted and coloured around half to three-quarters of a year...
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    Forum Time Question. :/

    Hmm, for the last few hours, I've noticed the post times on every post seems to be an hour later then it should be. For example, at the moment here it's 19:21, but the forum says it's 20:21. I'm sure the clocks haven't gone forward, but I could be wrong. Any ideas what's wrong..?
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    Random (and a tad rushed) Pokémon Line Arts

    Random (and a tad rushed) Pokémon Line Arts All of these are lineart which I've either a) Not coloured yet, b) Have coloured but not satisfied with or c) Still colouring. I didn't spend too long on any of them, probably 30 minutes at the max doing the lineart (well maybe more for Milotic and...
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    Wi-Fi Connection Problem.

    I bought MKDS today, and once I attempted to connect online, it wouldn't, despite that my router is listed as a recommended router on the site. I've tried numerous times, and I'm rather annoyed it won't work. Whenever I try to connect, it mentions there were no access points in the area. As it...
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    New Years Art Contest; 2006.

    [:]Approved by SapphireDewgong[:] New Year’s Art Contest; 2006 Want to celebrate the New Year in a different way? Then participate in the New Years Art Contest 2006 and get drawing! Rules and Guidelines: · Your entry MUST be relevant to the New Year, obviously. · Put effort into it, don’t...
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    Merry Christmas!~

    After 3 hours+ of doing this, it's finished, and I must say I'm VERY proud of this. It's the best thing I've EVER done in photoshop IMO (or one of them): http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/269/staryudonechristmas5ly.png If you're a member of deviantART, could ya comment on it here as well as in...
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    Rubbish linearts and others.

    I've been getting used to the pen tool to do my lineart in Photoshop, but I've improved since these were done: Sneasel - The claws on this are terrible, so are the 'eyelashes'. >>; Houndoom - This is better then the first, in my opinion, once I finish colouring it, this'll be for Sasuke...
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    Sneasel LineArt. (To be coloured later)

    My first lineart with the pentool: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/25851104/ http://img430.imageshack.us/img430/3282/sneaselpenpenattemptcopy28cc.png base colour: http://img431.imageshack.us/img431/7849/sneaselpencolour4oi.png The eyelashes and the right foot went a tad wrong. This was...
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    Random Ralts says "Comments please!"

    Some Ralts I did in Photoshop. I realised I never actually got any comments on it when I posted it in my old thread, but I've changed it since then anyway. Bear in mind, this was before I figured out how to use the pen tool, so the lineart is pretty crap in places. ^^...
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    Poetic Puzzler!

    PsiUmbreon approved, of course. Poetic Puzzler! Thi is the game which can test your creativity and end up with a somewhat weird result! In the game, I shall post a line the the following posters must post a line which rhymes with the previous line and when no one can think of anymore...
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    The PKMN Riddle Game

    Umbreon_07 approved. Well, I made this before although it was lost when the site went down. Basically: Poster 1: *Posts riddle* Poster 2: *Guesses* Poster 1: *confirms if it is right or wrong* If correct: Poster 2 makes a riddle. If wrong: Everyone keeps guessing. If the...