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    Dialguy's Item Shop

    I'm gonna give this another shot. If you want any items come here to ask for them. I'm not going to put up all the items i have because I have alot. I don't currently have the power EV items, but I am going to try and get them, so for now don't ask for them. I will change this message when I get...
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    dialguy's item thread

    i know a lot of you are looking for magmarizer and electrizer or other items such as master balls. well i can give you just about any item you want, so post what you want and what you can trade here, or pm me if you want. i only have a few good pokemon right now, so when i get more i may start a...
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    magby needed

    hey i need a magby. i've been trying for a long time and i can't find one. just tell me what you want for it (be reasonable, i'm not an idiot and i can tell when i'm being ripped off) it doesn't matter what gender or level. just tell me your friend code and what you want