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    Fire Red and Leaf Green Scramble Challenge - New (read first post)

    So far I've got all of my favorite Gen. 1 Pokemon that I never use for some reason. Poliwhirl(Popelloz)-cant evolve until its soloed Lorelei's Jynx Eevee-can't evolve into flareon until it beats a fighting dojo member Bellsprout(Bob)-must solo Misty to evolve Pidgey(V.Bakemeat)-must beat 1...
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    Fire Red and Leaf Green Scramble Challenge - New (read first post)

    I'd like a challenge for my Leafgreen. I can't trade and and would like a balanced team.
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    What was The first Pokemon you ever caught in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum?

    Mine was a Kricketot. I thought it'd be good for some reason :P...
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    That insanely awesome announcer is insanely awesome.

    I personally liked the Stadium announcer much better "It flew up into the sky!" He sounded genuinely surprised.
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    Rate Your Nicknames!

    Heartgold Team Nicknames Tropicus - Meganium [M] - Stylized from tropical. Apollo - Pidgeot [M] - A bit common but I think it fits well with Pidgeot's elegance. Niadane' - Tentacruel [F] - A shiny Tentacruel. I dont really know where I got the name from but it works. Scott - Arcanine [M] -...
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    What was your favorite character?

    Chobin's support for Dr. Kaminko's fail products made him a likable character. However, I like Miror B. the best. He was actually quite helpful in XD for getting missed Shadow Pokemon. Plus his hair is just... awesome.
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    How old were you when you got R/B/Y?

    I got Blue when I was about 4 but I never really played it. (Honestly, I couldn't even get past my ROOM just because I liked the sound of bumping the walls :P. Yes, I was a strange child back then.) All of my Gen. 1 nostalgia comes from Stadium because no travelling was involved.
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    While on my way to Cianwood, I found a shiny Tentacool! I replaced Slowpoke with it and then beat Jasmine and Chuck easily. Now I'm off to catch the Red Gyarados. I'll have my team around level 33 in time for the 7th gym so that's good. :) TEAM Tropicus-Meganium-32 Apollo-Pidgeotto-30...
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    Official Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Shiny Discussion

    I was just surfing along Route 40 to get to Cianwood City and suddenly a shiny Tentacool appeared! I was baffled as I've only gotten one shiny before and I'm not a very lucky person. I named it Niadane' and it replaced my Slowpoke so now I need to rework my team again. It's got an Impish...
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    Started a new file recently because my cousin messed up my old one.. Anyways, I'm about to go challenge Morty once everyone on my team is at level 25 or so. TEAM Dochuro-Bayleef-Lv: 24 Broski-Slowbro-Lv: 22 Apollo-Pidgeotto-Lv: 21 Kolima-Sudowoodo-Lv: 20