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    I got a private message with an inappropriate picture. What should I do about it?

    I recieved two of them from a pokemarina, I've already deleted them though.
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    Possible New Game

    I was going to point out that the DS, which is what D/P plays on holds GBA games, so technically, a person could transport GBA pokemon to a D/P Box game if it were on the wii, through the DS. As for the Paul thing, They might have decided to use him since he's from the d/p anime series, but...
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    Possible New Game

    Okay, I was looking at a Japanese Website called Pokesho, and found this screenshot. From what I can tell of it, it's possibly a Pokemon Box Diamond/Pearl game, but for all I know could be fake. I just felt I should share this just incase.
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    Couple Claiming Thread 4.0

    okay, since aparently I need to reclaim my couples, and was not inactive more then a month tops, I claim BaralaixPaine, Final Fantasy X-2, Spirit_of_Auron RikkuxGippal, Final Fantasy X-2, Spirit_of_Auron YunaxTidus, Final Fantasy X, X-2, Spirit_of_Auron
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    ~*Bishie Thread*~

    Okay, since aparently my claim got deleted, even though I tend to remain active here. I claim, again, Baralai from FFX-2. And I did check the list, I used to be on the old one.
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    Pokemon Ranger Recent Happenings Thread

    I've had the game since the 31 of October(day it came out in my area, along with ffxii, which I got the same day as well) and so far I've gotten to the challenges area as well, I've done the three and am at the battle with charizard. Had to take a break after Salamance, as man it wore my wrist...
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    Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon Special Episode!!!

    I thought the whole show was cute, and a friend of mine also loved it, though he is positive that there will be more episodes because of the to be continued at the end. I'm skeptive about that, as they always stick that on at the end, and I wouldn't be surprised that should the series ever end...
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    Ask Maddie Blaustein - Q&A with Meowth

    Man, have I loved it since you first took over the voice of Meowth, Anyways, I only have one question, that's been bugging me since the episode where ash gains a badge from Norman. Was norman voiced by a person who also did the Yugioh series. I have a habit of comparing voices for dubs and...