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    Ways Nintendo can ruin their own games

    (I think there isn't a topic like this, I also don't mean to be mean or anything) We all know that Nintendo has pretty fantastic games like Super Mario Galaxy and Pokemon Di,Per and Plat and even more to the fact that they have popular gaming mascots like Samus,Link and Pikachu (and of course...
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    Megaman BN and Megaman Star Force crossover

    I don't have any links but there's info on Wikipedia about this. All I can say is that it's for the DS and it looks like it could be out 2009 (in Japan) The name is :Rockman Operate Shooting Star Anyway, there's MBN fans and there's MSF fans so all and all this should be a pretty sweet...
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    Video games that should be made into movies.

    I'm pretty sure this thread should be in this forum, if not then move it please. Anyway, we all know that movies such as Super Mario bros movies didn't go down well with the critics (fortunately not the game fans) but I think the game movies (not the other way round) deserve another wave of...
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    Any games that you regret buying?

    (right, I'm pretty sure this thread has'nt been done before) Ever feel like once you've played a game then feel a little miffed that its a slight disappointment? I know, its happened to me and I wonder if anyone else has had the same experience?
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    The Guinness world records

    It occurs to me if anyone on this Forum has tried or accomplished any world records of any feat. So come and tell us if you've attempted anything for the The Guinness world records book? rules? well be honest :)
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    Hello there, I'm the sort of poke-fan that love the anime and movies (and of course, the games). I'm also quite the funny guy (not in a >:O kind of way) I am looking forward the new platinum game, but I'm not the manga type fan (manga gives me gas)