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    Pokemon eggs?

    Iv'e been wondering why pokemon eggs in the anime have cool and unique designs based on the pokemon inside, but in the games they all look like this ;egg; whether it's a magikarp egg or a Dialga or Giratina egg. Manaphy's egg in one of the movies ->;manaphyegg; Are they just too lazy to make...
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    Question about postcount

    How many posts do you need to rank up? And how do some people have over 20,000 even though if they get deleted they drop the post count and I can't even find that many posts. You can only get them by posting not replying correct? It seems hard for me to think of a topic to start without it being...
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    If you could have a real life pokémon, who would it be?

    If you could have a real life pokémon, who would it be? If you could have ANY pokemon as a pet what would it be (and why if you feel like it)?This is a VERY hard question for me because I love so many <3 I would want one thats cute but powerful, if it knew fly that would be SOO helpful! (Are...
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    I heard that the program used to make fake cards was shut down, is that true? If so is the only way make one is my making it with photoshop or is there another program?
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    How to tell

    I could tell I had a fake card because it was smaller, it wasn't capitalized, it was a support or whatever and it was seel, it's ability doesn't really make sense, and I was able to peel it off because it was a sticker. I don't even remember getting it either. Feel free to post more obvious ways...