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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced: Because Pokémon is Not Cool Anymore

    After cleaning my room last week, I came across my old Yu-Gi-Oh! deck. I don't know how old it is in terms of years, but to give an estimate, I'd say it was just after Yu-Gi-Oh! GX began and was deemed "popular." I remember playing it in bragging-rights tournaments and doing fairly well in...
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    Net Neutrality

    An important issue that should be raised, which discusses the idea of Net Neutrality, which basically is the government's way of saying, "We own the Internetz!" Original link here I think you guys should be aware of the current status. I don't know if this is a debatable topic or not...
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    Tarnished Scars {Action-OT Fic PREVIEW II}

    [ TARNISHED SCARS : THE EPIC ØF THATCHER GRESLIN ] An Action/Adventure Original Trainer novel by Falthor. [ Førewørd ] “When he approaches the light, his eyes will be dazzled, and he will not be able to see anything at all of what are now called realities.” ~ Plato, The Republic [...
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    Soundtracks, Part Deux.

    Hm, yes, I thought I'd revive this thread. After looking at some of the threads, these kinds of threads regarding a soundtrack to the Fan Fic have gained some kind of notoriety, even amongst a populace that doesn't really focus on the happenings in this forum. Regardless, the goal of the...
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    Fiction Critiquing 101: A Shortened Guide

    Make good use of this, guys. Have any questions, ask them here, and I'll be sure to answer them, as well as the other critics of the Fan Fiction forum. In considering fiction, you should ask three critical questions that you would ask about any work of art: What is the artist trying to...
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    Tarnished Scars [PREVIEW]

    As the blood drips from my quill, I mull over the multiple opportunities and roads that the two protagonists from my latest Fanfiction, but those who were here in the year of 2005 will not be unfamiliar with the title of the work. That's right, Tarnished Scars is back for another...
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    Have any of the authors here tried, or even attempted to try, writing a story in epic form? If you don't know what an epic is, it's a story told entirely in poetic form. The most notable include: The Epic of Gilgamesh, Paradise Lost, and the most famous, The Iliad and The Odyssey. I may take...
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    His Umpteenth Return.

    Man, I cannot stay away from this place. Hello, all. I'm Falthor, one of SPPf's oldest members. Don't let the join date fool you; I've gone through dozens of accounts and name switches that I sometimes forget who I am. Anyway, I have returned to SPPf to gain an understanding of the other...
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    The Description Thread

    I have been searching around the café lately and I have noticed threads which follow the format: "How do you guys describe (insert Pokémon aspect of fiction here, i.e. attacks, looks, towns, people, Poké Balls, etc.), so I took the initiative and created a thread for all authors to use in...
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    Pidgeotto in Viridian Forest

    There are a couple of questions that spawned when I found my old Versus Books Pokemon RBY strategy guide. It states that evolved Pokemon are weaker when caught than training it from, in this case, a Level 2 Pidgey from Route 2. This means that EVs exist in that time, correct? If so, then...
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    Books of Inspiration and Recommendation II

    [ The Old Thread ] I may as well revive this old thread. In this thread, we – obviously – discuss books that we recommend for aspiring and developing authors in order for them to develop a better lexicon in both their speech and writing, as well as to provide them sources of inspiration that...
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    He's Actually Back!? O__O

    Yeah, he's back, and he's better than ever. It's been a couple of months since I've actually laid eyes on this forum, but the call of the forum always attracts me here. Hello, everyone, I'm Falthor, one of the older members of SPPf. The join date may say otherwise, but I'm actually a pretty...
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    n00bish moveset. omg

    (Lots of timed out connections due to rush) Tried to get your attention, huh, guys? Well, it most likely is a n00b moveset, and I am willing to accept any and all suggestions for my team. It's for a tournament I'm entering. The rules are I am prohibited to have any Pokémon that is...
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    Overused and Underused Pokémon

    Overused and Underused Pokémon Yes, this is a concept that puzzles me to the very end, and rattles my brain like crazy. Many people say that underused Pokémon will be a great issue when it comes to Fan Fiction because they are underused and not considered powerful enough to be given to a...
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    Would underused Pokémon benefit you?

    Would underused Pokémon benefit you? This is a thread that I think could be acceptable in this forum. Basically, being that underused Pokémon [well, some of them] are pretty powerful, such as a Modest Butterfree with EVs in SAtk and SDef, or an Omastar, would it beneficial to the trainer to...
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    --- Avatar :: Secret of the Four Nations ++ [OOC Thread]

    This is where we can all discuss the game Avatar: Secret of the Four Nations at random intervals, so it will not intervene with the normal game.
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    --- Avatar :: Secret of the Four Nations ++ [Advisory]

    ADVISORY: There could be some violence here, as well as some "higher-aged" content here. Not Mature, but y'know, blood, swearing and all that, so if you're not a fan of it, don't come here. Sankoo. Water. Earth. Fire. Air. My grandmother used to tell me stories about the past. A time of...
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    Oh ****

    I think my computer has been hacked. I do not know. Whenever I log in to my computer, when Windows XP is shown, it immediately turns into a blue page with text that says something, and then shuts down (I can't even recognize what it says). I've been doing this for about an hour or so, and...
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    "Dystopia" fics

    Hello all, I want to know your opinions on "dystopia" fics. I am planning a Pokémon Fanfiction entitled Dystopia, inspired by books like 1984, Animal Farm, The Giver, Anthem, as well as a couple of other dystopic novels and television shows. Now, combining elements of both science fiction...
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    Hello all, I am Falthor, the supposed "new" member of these forums. Well, might I first add that this forum is very nice and I hope I can be a great contributor here and I hope I stay for a while. I am very creative and a HUGE Fanfiction writer, so expect some of my works on this forum very...