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    pokemon hg and ss

    trainers are a joke what do you think about them have you traded any from ur diamond pearl platinum
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    can j00 breed heatran

    i noticed heatran is the only male/female legendary so can j00
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    should charizard be classified as fire and dragon

    should CHARIZARD be classified as fire and dragon not fire and flying i wuz wondering if it should
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    wow arceus is not as i expected

    wow i thought it would be better and are the natures the same and possibly could you get it shiny from tru
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    ok you know the national pokedex for platinum has 492 spots

    lets say that shaymin is the last Pokemon on the list and there nothing below it so if i get arceus will a new spot appear under shaymin example 490 manaphy 491 darkrai < thats what the nat dex looks like on platinum with out arceus> 492 shaymin last pokemon spot on nat dex no...
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    what is with pokemon natures

    ok why do ppl post a shiny pokemon and their nature what is so special about it
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    random shiny encounters

    what random shinys have you caught i got a golduck in the lake by snowpoint
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    ok so if i capture arceus will there be an entry for him on the national pokedex for platinum because right now the dex is only 1- 492 there is no 493 spot so i i cap him will 493 appear
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    confused abotu national dex on platinum

    ok so if it has 492 pokemon on the nat dex for platinum and if you get arceus from someone with d or p does its spot appear on the nat dex or can you not get it on platinum