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    Who are you

    Who are you
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    What will be the end of the anime?

    I honestly think the anime will never end! I mean I though it was going to end with the 4th generation because to me Arceus is the most powerful pokemon suposively I mean wht more can they do? But with Pokemon it can keep going and going, probably until they run out of ideas which I don't think...
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    Are you going to Import HG/SS / Which Version Are You Getting?

    Going to get HeartGold and my friend is going to get SoulSliver. I'll just wait till they come out because luckly they come out around my Birthday!
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    Which Starters From Each Gen/Region Will You Choose?

    I'm going to pick Totodile, Charamander, Treeko. Its tough for me because I like most all of the starters.