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    Where do I post my trade thread since the 4th gen section got locked?

    I am wondering where I should post it since I no longer can update it and I will need to know if I can use more than one post since my first post is now almost filled up? Thanks.:)
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    Why can I not edit my trade threads?

    I just tried to edit my trade threads with my HG FC and the buttons do not show up in either Firefox or I.E. Is there something wrong with the site? I a, asking because there is not an edit tab in either browser. The tab Close the window appears in I.E. and nothing shows in Firefox. Thanks XD...
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    What happened to the who online tab at the bottom of the forums?

    I hope this is the right place for this thread. Anyway What happened to the who's online tab? I can't even see who is on the forums and when they are even on the site. It really makes it hard to see when my friends are on now. I hope it can be put back up soon. I know another member here that I...
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    Internal Sever Error when trying to update my trade thread

    I am having problems trying to update my trade thread and when I am finished with updating and click the button an Internal Sever Error Occurs. What should I do? Thanks.:)