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    Equip 2: Face-Off

    Equip 2 It is long after the Illegible-Pure era of the face-offs ended. (approximately a year and a half) However, the impact has not ended in the same way. Okay, maybe it has, but now i've revived that horror that was once forgotten. In this face-off, I have revived my Equip style face-off...
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    Basic Face-Off

    This is the Basic Face-Off, which is attempting to go back to basics (wow!). I believe that you all won't like to read countless rules and long paragraphs. This'll be really simple. You get to choose 12 Pokemon-related things to face off. No real specifics. It'll be done in matches of three...
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    Future, the Face-Off

    [the following is a stub. once the face-off is posted, more information will be revealed] Future Method Voting is once per 30 seconds. Plus: +1 Minus: -1 Super+: +5 Super-: -5 Hyper+: +10 Hyper-: -10 A Plus (minus) is activated the turn it is declared. A Super Plus (minus) is...
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    Equip, The Face-Off

    Welcome to Equip, the Face-Off. This is one of the new methods I thought up around December to debut in 2007. The next on the list is Absolution II. So far there have been Absolution I, Grass Method and this. The Game SPPf Face-Off Rules apply Each post counts as a turn, regardless of the...
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    Grass Face-Off v2

    [the following is a stub. once the face-off is posted, details will be revealed] Nominate any Grass Pokémon. Nomination is once per hour. best viewed without the Grass or basic skin. Note to moderators: The Rules and Details will be revealed upon thread post. I will edit the post to...
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    The Face-Off Index

    In the Face-Off Index (previously known as the Face-Off List), all currently active Face-Offs are listed. The purpose is for the Face-Off goer to find a Face-Off, or for a potential creator to find if there is a game like it. 2nd generation face-off: edwardel Adventure Face-off: YellowHat...
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    Absolution I, The Face-Off

    Welcome to Absolution I, the Face-Off! In this next-generation game, more strategy and thought will be required when playing. Those simple-minded who wish to stay out of this, please do, but you are missing out on the experience that will revolutionize the Face-Off World! The Method used is...
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    SPPf Spiritual Alliance

    Welcome to the SPPf Spiritual Alliance. There is currently an Atheist alliance and a Christian alliance. However, according to a fairly recent poll, quite a few of the SPPf-ers harbor spiritual beliefs. This club serves a similar purpose to the two aforementioned alliances, but is for the...
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    Pokémon Types Face-Off

    Pokémon Types Face-Off Welcome to the Pokémon Types Face-Off. This is the twin face-off of the Shiny Pokémon Face-Off, meaning that the two will be similar in format. This is the second face-off in the new Crucius Face-Off Set. Brief History This is the third modern thread, as the first...
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    Shiny Pokémon Face-Off

    Shiny Pokémon Face-Off Welcome to the Shiny Pokémon Face-Off. This is the twin face-off of the Pokémon Types Face-Off, which means that the face-offs will likely be similar to identical in format. This is the first face-off in the Crucius set of face-offs. Brief History This is the second...
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    Psychic Pokémon Face-off

    Psychic Pokémon Face-off Psychic Pokémon Face-Off third incarnation Welcome to the Psychic Pokémon Face-Off. Psychic Pokémon Face-Off Rules: 1. Serebiiforums.com Face-Offs Rules. 2. Always be courteous towards your peers. Show respect, as anger and spite will not be tolerated here. 3. Refer...
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    Ice Pokémon Face-off v3

    Ice Pokémon Face-off v3 Ice Pokémon Face-Off third incarnation Here in the third Ice Face-Off, things promise to be done in a manner not seen before. Instead of the lackluster hurt/heal, and complicated experiment and pillar voting methods, this offers a great alternative. The New Voting...
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    Ken Sugimori Art v3

    Ken Sugimori Art Face-Off third incarnation Yes, the third incarnation. Can be abbreviated as "SAFO". The first was a success, and the second, under my rule, began to fail. I realized it was going nowhere, and needed to change the format, so I did. Here, in the Ken Sugimori Art Face-Off, we...
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    Is your GAME NOT SAVING? Internal Battery is the problem

    Increasingly of late, I have seen too many posts and threads relating to the fact that their Gold/Silver/Crystal version is no longer letting them save their games, or their current game is corrupted. If you have said "my game won't save!" or "it says my file is corrupted!", then this is the...
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    On creating a new account...

    Is there any rule against me creating a new account and abandoning this one? I have reasons, and it's not COMPLETELY necessary. Just asking.
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    The Grand Pokemon Face-Off

    The Grand Pokemon Tournament Well, it's so big, it's been largely overlooked. Pokemon have been faced off by type, by usefulness and more. However, this will be the grandest tournament of all. It will face off all 493 Pokemon, to determine the greatest. However, with a big concept comes...
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    Sprites Face-Off

    Here in the Sprites Face-Off, we will be conducting two initial face-offs. We will first do a round facing off sprites by game. The pokemon faced off will be randomly drawn. You will judge the sprites by pose and which one has captured the pokemon the best. We will face off different pokemon...
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    Shinou Legendary Trio

    Which is your favorite of the three Shinou legendaries in the trio. Yukishii for me, though Agunomu is a close second.
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    The Places Face-Offs v2

    Welcome to the New Places Face-offs. This will be just like the old one, but run in my style. The rounds will go the same way, with the Kanto Cities, then Johto, then Hoenn, then Orre, then Shinou, then Fiore, and then by regions and maybe more detailed. Owner: Shining Alakazam Co-Owner: [not...
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    The Final Stage Face-Offs

    This Face-Off faces off all pokemon in their final stage. The final stage means they cannot evolve further, as of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Owner: Shining Alakazam Co-Owner: [not required] Co-owners will be hired upon request. Only one co-owners at one time. I will announce who becomes head...