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  1. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week #58 "The hero Kanto deserves"

    ANY person can enter! ANY website can participate! ANY thing can happen! Its the... Note: I'm filling in for Noobiess this week, so don't panic. I got this under control. With some tape and a balloon, MetalFlygon08 won last week with his Koffing dressed as a Weezing. Congrats...
  2. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week 57 Poll

    ANYONE CAN VOTE *noobiess used substitute* I'm filling in this week for him. This week's challenge was to make a evolved form of the retyped starter pokemon made from GWSC week 55. Everyone has 1 vote to use! The votes will be tallied on Sunday and the winner will be announced in Week...
  3. burnt_lucario

    burnt_lucario's spriting shop!

    Shop Now Open For Requests! Rules No Spamming No Flaming Be specific about your request State who you want your request done by(if more than one person working NO STEALING Please use forms Be patient Make sure to give credit :) If you want something changed,just ask,I won't be...