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    Pinioning (NC-17; hurt/comfort; Honorshipping oneshot)

    Posted with Mistress Encyclopika's permission. Title: Pinioning Rating: NC-17 - Characters: Falkner, Morty (others, OCs) WARNINGS: Graphic rape of a male character by another male character, gratuitous use of headcanon, bypassing the language censor to preserve the content (forgive me)...
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    Shipping Holidays

    Rise and shine, 'shippers! It's that very special day! Put out the plates, put out the drinks, and par-tay! Okay, not really. For those who don't cross between two certain forums, I'm looking into when people have 'ship celebrations, on forums, on art communities, and heck, maybe even YouTube...
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    Ever enter a fandom because of a couple?

    Just like it says on the tin. Have you ever jumped into a fandom after discovering a pairing you (at the time) looking into on a whim, perhaps, or an interest with no real describable reason? I'll be frank with my own example: I owe my absolute love for the Sengoku Basara fandom to a BL...
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    Vineshipping - the Venusaur Wrench

    Created this same thread on BMGf. I'm hoping for other opinions. ---- As we have learned, and some find it despairing, May's Bulbasaur evolved into a Venusaur while she was out carousing Johto. Personally, I find the fact people were upset by this infuriating because of social bias...
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    Project Cycle Marathon: Falkner

    Belatedly approved by our Mistress Encyclopika. Nothing is sacred--not even Sacredshipping--when it comes to myself and Falkner. So recently I've been writing drabbles-of-a-sort (100 word limit is so bogus; I laugh at you) on my livejournal involving Falkner with scenarios and people he'd be...
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    Temper, Temper (Honorshipping; PG-13)

    Title: Temper, Temper - Characters: Falkner, Clair, Morty Rating: PG-13 Summary: Yin and Yang never found each other so horribly before. Warnings: Anger management necessary (non-abusive: mental, physical, OR implied). Notes: 8D I can't write fluff to save my life! Honorshipping (Morty x...
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    "What's This Ship Called?"

    ♥~♥~♥ What's This Ship Called? ♥~♥~♥ Welcome! This thread is a place to query the names of shippings, to suggest names for unnamed ships, and to ask why a ship was named as it was. The (In)Complete Shipping List Best place for making submissions: Tumblr Most importantly: look before you ask...
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    "What's This 'Ship Called?" v. III

    updated: February 19.08 [EST] Looking back at last year's list, it...still seems just as long, but it really, really isn't. At the last, current count (Nov 17th, 2006), the total of 'ships is 2,043. Oh yeah, we went there. 2,000 plus, baby. Normally submissions are done at BMGf...
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    Ranger character question

    Concerning the Go-Rock Squad (EXCEPT Tiffany and Gordor, as I can figure out perfectly well who they are): 1) Do the three other boys play instruments? 1a) If so, which one plays which instrument? 2) And more importantly, is one of them Tiffany's brother?
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    Dragon ritual of Blackthorn

    Anyone got the exact words to the ritual Clair recites during the episode Beauty is Skin Deep? Yeah, I know, late Johto era question. *el gasp o' horror!* Could be worse, yanno.
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    To Define Fate's Neglected Victims (Br/Mi; PG)

    Disclaimer: Pokémon and all characters mentioned in the story belong to God. I just own their expensive products. A rather old fic ('03) written when much was very much unknown about the Hoenn region in general, and when facts of Misty's departure were still shrouded and grossly misinforming...
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    Because no seems to every list them anymore...

    Exactly which pokémon are missing from Emerald in relation to the missing pokémon that are in Ruby and Sapphire? I know Emerald lacks Lunatone and Mawile (in respects to having Solrock and Sableye), but what are the rest? Are there any others missing or is it just those two? <.< Nowhere I...
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    Crossover Couple Claiming thread

    UPDATED: Feb 20.07 So hey, it turns out the Couple Claiming Thread (Ver.2) and the Poly Ships Claiming Thread are all about...in-series couples. Oh yeah? How exciting is that? I'm not looking for plausible, because crossovers aren't plausible to begin with, unless you're CLAMP or...