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    Nero V4 (upgrades and additions)

    Foligon Beast Pokemon Grass/Dragon Basic Drafleur Beast Pokemon Grass/Dragon Evo: Foligon level 16 Beheplant Titan Pokemon Grass/Dragon Evo: Drafleur level 38 Medember Thought Pokemon Fire/Psychic Basic Vophit Thought Pokemon Fire/Psychic Evo: Medember level 14 Will-O'-Wise Communication...
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    an idea

    part of my in-progress fakemon dex is a new evo line making heracross a final evolved form in aline of 3 HERACUT - claw bug pokemon HERACASE - iron shell pokemon then HERACROSS this evo line is classic level ups with no special incenses needed for breeding tell me what you think
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    how many pokemon can i put in my new gen without it becoming ott

    so far ive got 152 that would put the total up to 645 if it were the 5th gen but i want to add more
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    y do people think pokemons 4 little kids?

    people seem to have this idea that when you get above 12/13 youll never be into pokemon ever again or summat stupid but im 16 now and still a fan anyone over the age of 13 please share your thoughts on this
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    getting my tc to sig

    i have a tc on bebo but i dont know how to get it onto my signature someone help me please
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    does rotom count as a "legendary" i dont think so i think its like suddowoodo from g/s/c but im not sure
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    your gens

    lets make up our entire own generation names, places but mainly pokemon at least 100 would be required for a gen so im not finished yet ill add more info when i can think about... NERO region foligon - beast pokemon - grass/dragon - grass starter drafleur - beast pokemon - grass/dragon -...
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    your ultimate favourites

    who is your ultimate favourite pokemon that you'll carry from gen to gen irregardless of their stats lets share our favs and their features mine: Kecleon level: 100 Male currently on emerald current moves METRENOME ICE PUNCH ROCK SLIDE SHOCK WAVE going to go to diamond ribbons 23...
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    Ultimate non-legendary elemental squads

    if you could make a squad of six fully evolved pokemon for each element and one mixed not including legendaries what would they be? WATER Octillery Milotic Mantine Empoleon Ludicolo Cloyster GRASS Tropius Carnivine Roserade Sunflora Tangrowth Torterra NORMAL Castform Bibarel Girafarig...
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    poketch confusion

    are the poketch applications availiable after obtaining 1,3,5 &7 badges only availiable then or can i go back and get them all after obtaining all 8? KECLEON FOREVER ;352;
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    Could There Be More?

    Is it right to have a 5g or is 493 enough? could pokemon make it to 1000? will it lose interest after so long? Will more ruin it? what do you think? ;352;