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    I'm Baaaack!!! (A UU rmt)

    My second try to make it in competitive battling Roserade @ Lum Berry Timid, Serene Grace 252 SpA / 4 SpDef / 252 Speed -Sleep Powder -Toxic Spikes -Sludge Bomb -Leaf Storm Clefable @ Toxic Orb Careful, Magic Guard -Thunder Wave -Protect -Facade -Wish Electrode @ Choice...
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    Ask a Question Thread 3.0!

    Tauros I need a good Tauros moveset... (O.O) please...
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    My first RMT here....can you help??

    ...ice+n=nice The only problem I see is half your team is weak to ice... ;423-e; b(0.0)b [EDIT]- Level Up!!! *corny music*
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    Hello! I am the Wind Ninja!

    Scary mods... Hey and hi and hola from ;423-e; 101 (don't mess with the mods. they throw u into the banning hole..) ;423-e; d(o.0)b
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    Who is your favourite Pokémon Ranger Shadows of Almia character?

    ...intense... darkrai (0.o) I like Blake he is awesome... ;423-e; pwns u
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    How do You Keep the Sparks Flying? ( Not a Pikachu related Thread )

    zzzttth... hehe sparks... I do contests, catch the random shiney, play older games, get lvl. 100s, and my favorite: MAKE AWESOME BL/UU TEAMS!!!!!!!! ;423-e; d(0.0)b
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    D/P Glitch discussion thread

    Me no findee glitches I havn't had any glitches but my friend's diamond freezes alot... (*o*)
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    Pest control

    Pest Control 101 Buy a REPEL or grab some random wild pokemon and use it or keep a garchomp and mudkip with you ooorrr you could hit them with a broom... ;423-e; (0_0)
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    Where did Humans in The Pokeworld Come From?

    The TrUth... first there was nothing. Then the nothing exploded and the exploded nothing began to fuse with itsself and make something. Somewhere afterwards cells began forming and the began fighting eachother for Exp. Once they grew to the right level they began evolving and became Arceus...
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    The New Battle Frontier Facilities?

    I'm really looking forward to the battle factory. I liked it alot in emerald beacause I could actually win in it... (sadly at the time I knew nothing of something of great importance called ev training) (nearly finished ev training my starmie... only 35 more kadabras!!!)
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    Which pokemon would be best as the next PotW? - Official PotW Discussion Thread

    Masses say dragonite The masses say Draginite!!!! BUT... I'm not the masses, I say go with HONCHKROW!!! (honchkrow pwns all...)
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    First Shiny?

    my first shiny was a doduo(male) if you don't count the shiny garados. Right before I woke up the snorlax by the biking road. (now lv. 50 dodrio) Within a week I caught a shiny golbat in sapphire while in victory road. (Now lv. 60 Crobat) My friend gave me two shineys from the game he...
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    Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

    Will I get platinum? Of course i will ;492-s; and ;487-o; OWN YOU ALL!!!
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    It's digging time!

    haaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeerrrrrrr! I hammer away again and again!!! I have 27 hard stones 6 heart scales and 12 dome fossils me am rich!!! (with stuff)
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    ~RMT~ In-Game ~RMT~

    Alakazam - Rash - Wise Glasses Psychic - Shadow Ball - Future Sight - Recover Crobat - Hasty - Leftovers Aerial Ace - Air Slash - Sludge Bomb - Steel Wing Blaziken - Jolly - Salac Berry Brave Bird - Blaze Kick - Flare Blitz - Sky Uppercut Rayquaza - Lonely - Yache Berry Flamethrower...
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    Sandrtorm Battle Tower Team

    A very good team. You would kick my butt. I think with a lot of hard work you could make it to 100 wins. (-.-); Gastrodon101
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    My poison/dark team!!!

    Dark Type RMT! O.K> here it goes... I want to move into competitive battling but I have no clue if I'm ready and could use some help... (@_#) Arbok Item:Poison barb (Adamant) Ability:shed skin attacks:glare, ice fang, crunch, gunk shot Blissey Item:light clay (Relaxed) Ability:natural...
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    Official PBR FAQ / Help / Question Thread

    let's see... I have about a couple hundred items to go... thanks for de list! ($.$); Gastrodon101
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    Official PBR FAQ / Help / Question Thread

    let's see... I have about a couple hundred items to go... ($.$); Gastrodon101
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    Pokemon Platnium Sells 967,000 In First 2 Days

    WoW platinum is really off the charts and so far it's only in Japan... imagine it's sales once it's come out everywhere... 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000? (0.0); Gastrodon101