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    Black Ice Tournaments

    Welcome to the Black Ice Tournaments thread! You must be a member of Black Ice to participate. Current Tournament Theme (see second post) Bracket/Sign Up King Infernape the III VS OverkillTM Dumbness VS Young Xehanort Rapidgator VS Poema Joshua O'Donnell VS LordVader2719 Current...
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    Black Ice

    Welcome to Black Ice Cave. This cave is very dangerous; it is filled with wild Pokémon and trainers. Only a few have mastered this icy wonder. Are you one? The OPs are currently under construction. The Table of Contents is very inaccurate as a result. This will be fixed when renovations are...
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    Archeops (Modified)

    I've played this deck quite a bit at leagues, and it seems to work fairly well. However, I know it can be better. Pokémon (12): Terrakion EX (2) - Dragons Exalted Terrakion (2) - Novle Victories Mewtwo EX (1) - Next Destinies Archen (4) - Noble Victories Archeops (3) - Noble Victories Trainers...
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    VGC 2012 Regionals Team

    This is the team I used for the unofficial state championships. It did well enough to earn fourth, but I know it can be better, and it needs to be better for the regional championships. Hydeigon @ Choice Scarf Ability: Levitate EVs: 4 HP, 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Spe Nature: Timid - Dragon Pulse -...
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    Sandstorm Team

    Yay! Another Sandstorm team! Just in case you guys haven't rated enough. I used this team a lot before I lost access to PO. Now I only need one more Pokémon to finish it on Black. Please note that I normally play with Item Clause. I also use some of these Pokémon in other teams for double...
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    Fighting Mono Team

    This team is almost identical to the one I used in fourth gen, with a few adjustments. This team is designed to be used in double battles, mostly against other mono type teams, but also against standard teams. I'm making this team on Black, as I don't have access to PO anymore. Hitmontop @...
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    Tournament Team

    I'm entering a tournament sometime next month. This tournament will be using the rules for VGC 2011. For those who are unfamilar with the VGC rules, it is a double battle, allowing me to bring six Pokémon, but only use four. Since I have to choose two Pokémon to not use, I made it easier on...
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    Black Ice Clan

    Welcome to Black Ice Cave. This cave is very dangerous; it is filled with wild Pokémon and trainers. Only a few have mastered this icy wonder. Are you one? Table of Contents ~Rules ~Sign Up ~Ranks / Member List ~Clan Art ~Events ~Jobs ~Shop ~Xat ~Forum ~League ~Credits Rules...
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    Mono Double Team

    This is a fighting-type mono team for double battles. I'm going to be using it for other mono-type teams. Hitmontop @ Life Orb Ability: Technician EVs: 252 Atk, 252 HP, 4 Def Nature: Adamant - Fake Out - Mach Punch - Sucker Punch - Close Combat Fake Out one opponent while Infernape does the...
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    Laws you want to be changed.

    This is mostly to help with my homework, but I think it would be interesting to see what people think. What laws do you want changed, added, or removed and why? I'd prefer something other than "lower the drinking age," "legalize this drug" (specifically marijuana), or "legalize gay marriage."
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    Platinum Team

    This is just what they have right now. They're all about level 70, so I'm not going to change what Pokémon I have. Empoleon (Quiet) Ability: Torrent Blizzard Drill Peck Surf Hydro Pump Steelix (Hasty) @Wide Lens Ability: Sturdy Rock Climb Crunch Iron Tail Stone Edge Crobat...