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    Itunes help

    At the moment, LDW is having a sale on their virtual sims and are being sold for free. I'm getting an itouch for Christmas, but I don't have it yet. So, I want to purchase on the computer. I have not made my own account yet, though. Can I purchase the apps through my father's account on the...
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    What are you guys doing/dressing up as for Halloween?

    As the title says, what are you guys doing/dressing up as for Halloween? I've decided to dress up as Finn from Adventure Time. I'm going to my school's Halloween Dance, and then to my Uncle's house for Halloween celebration/trick or treating. I was going to be the Joker, but that would cost a...
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    Elder Scrolls Oblivion GOTY Help

    I have a question. I've recently been thinking of picking up the Elder Scrolls Oblivion Game of the Year edition for the PS3, and I noticed that it comes with three (or was it two?) of the games' expansion packs. I also remembered how my parents forbid me to create a PSN account for privacy...
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    PS3 Uninstall?

    I recently received my PS3 for Christmas, and I was researching that apparently PS3 installs even whole gigs of data to reduce loading times and stuff like that. I was wondering, what would would happen if you delete the installed files? Will it play like normal, but slower? Or will it not work...
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    Pokemon Vs. FPS

    If this is the wrong section, I apologize. In the cold of the morning, I walk inside the school bus. As soon as I sit down in my regular seat, I pull out my Nintendo DS Lite. I hear a comment from behind me going, "DS? That's so gay.". I look behind me to see this wanna-be gangster kid with...
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    No Stereo Mix?

    So, I just downloaded Camstudio and was ready to record. I take a small test recording, and realize that it has no sound. I look for some fixes and here was one that said to check "Show disabled/disconnected devices" and there should be an option named "Stereo Mix" and you go on from there. I...
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    Free Video Editing Program?

    Okay, so I'm almost ready to start making videos. Got Audacity by my side to spruce up the audio, and I've all but downloaded CamStudio. Now, the last thing is, I need a free video editing program for PC that can have multiple audio/video layers. As in, I could combine audio from a video with an...
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    Free Screen Recording Programs?

    Hey, I was going to make some Minecraft videos, but I don't have a recording software. I was going to use Fraps because my friend told me about it, but it cost money, and the free version only records for 30 seconds. Does anyone know of any free legal (Not pirating) screen recording software?
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    Pokemon Black and White Complete Release?

    I just bought the first volume of Viz's Black and White Adventures series, and I realized that these books were going by the magazine chapters. Adventures does have a bad history of finishing up the chapters with the volume releases so, if Black and White doesn't finish in the magazine, what do...
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    PokeSpe Topic: Favorite story arc in Pokemon Special?

    I was wondering if there was a topic for this, and after looking through the two pages in the Manga discussion, there weren't. So, which Pokemon Special arc is your favorite? So far mine is a tie between GSC, and DP. Also, I'm I'm sorry for misspelling favorite in the poll, I was rushing when I...
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    Censorship in the Chuang Yi version of Special

    With all of the censorship stuff happening in the Viz version of Adventures, I wondered, is there any censorship in the Singaporean version? And if so, what kind of censorship is it? Is it for violence, or for suggestive scenes?
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    Has anyone caught a Pokemon with Pokerus?

    Has anyone else caught a Pokemon with Pokerus. My little brother caught a Patrat in his Black game, infected his Pokemon and traded it over to my White. I then infected all of my Pokemon, and now, whenever I train a pokemon or add it to my main team, I infect it with Pokerus.
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    Dragon Ball Z coming to Blu-Ray

    (This is an announcement made a while ago, but I feel it deserves it's own topic instead of putting it in the Kai thread, so...) On July 21st, Funimation announced that they would be bringing the original Dragon Ball Z series to Blu-Ray. The announcement can be found here...
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    TPPC Online RPG

    I apologize if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't exactly sure where to put it. http://tppcrpg.net/ TPPC Online RPG. Does anyone else here play this game? I have recently just got back into playing it. At the moment all my Pokemon are roughly under level 100. in my opinion, the best part...