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    [RATE] Location, Location, Location: When locations used to matter.

    Title is somewhat self-explainatory. But I might as well elaborate. So, basically you RATE the above User's LOCATION on the standard scale of 1 - 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the best possible score. Sounds easy enough? Here's a couple of rules to take note of and, obviously, follow. -...
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    The Swap Shop!

    Welcome to The Swap Shop! Here, we have a wide variety of Pokémon for trade. Shiny Flawless, GBA/ DS Events, RNGed Events, etc. :D Hope you can find something you like! We are closed! Reason: End-of-Year Exams + Catching a break from trading Re-opening: Undecided, probably'll be a while till I...
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    Dumify It!

    Dumify = The act of making something simpler/ less confusing/ stupider than it should be. Ok, to put it simply, the OP (me) posts a sentence of eloquent vocabulary, then the NP posts a dumified version of it, then proceeds to post another sentence with big, fancy words. Here's an example...
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    Everyday I`m Shuffling V.2

    Disclaimer: I will not be using anymore Jap-Eng text cos it'll take too long to type it all out. Based on an older version, started by Zhanton, this game goes out to all you music fans out there. The 'concept' of this is asking a question, then getting an answer (that's most likely unrelated)...
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    In Soviet Russia...

    Yes, it's another rating game... So, the point of the game is the the OP posts a Soviet Russia Joke, which, is basically a reversal of terms, then the next poster rates it, on a scale of 1-10, then posts another joke. Don't get it? Here's a few examples: And so on... All SPPf forum and...
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    Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer! Version no.?

    That's right, it's back! Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer is back! Say what? You don't know how to play Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer? Because apples aren't blue! Oh wait, we haven't started -_- Well, simply, poster 1 asks a stupid question, poster 2 posts a stupid answer...
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    Pokemon Origin Theory

    This was probably done a couple of times but what the heck. Mew- The Mythical ancestor of all Pokémon Arceus- The Mythical creator of all Pokémon So, which do you think came first? Is this like the chicken and the egg, whereby neither can exist without the other? Discuss :)
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    Will you be my...? (V.2!)

    It's just like the title says, you ask will you be my (insert something here) and the next poster will answer yes or no then asks will you be my (insert something here) and so on. Here is an example: No, no I won't. Especially when Lickitung or Lickilicky are involved Well, just like...
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    Eloquent Vocabulary (Version 2.0)

    Time for another remake! The old version of Eloquent Vocabulary got locked because it was bumped multiple times, so I decided to remake one of my favourite games. The point of this game is that a person posts a word with 6 or more letters, and the next poster will post a word that is 6 or more...
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    Should Hidden Power get side-effects?

    To Mods: No, this is not a speculation thread. However, if you think this belongs in PokePolls, be my guest~ Ok so, should different Hidden Power types get side-effects? Ex. Freeze with HP Ice and Burn wtih HP Fire? What do you think? Why or why not? I personally think Hidden Power should...
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    scraftyscrafty's swap shop

    Credz to wadder2 and MetalFlygon08 STATUS: Open Welcome to scraftyscrafty’s swap shop! This is my first shop, so please go easy on me. Before we go on to what I have and whatnot, the rules. [/SPOILER] Credz to BrutakaBlaziken Credz to BrutakaBlaziken Credz to pkmnfn [/SPOILER] SEE...