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    Pokemon Tower IV

    Ok, guys~! I told ya that I was going to restart this and I ALWAYS keep my promises. Trust me~! ^^ So, for those who didn't join in the last three seasons and are interested in joining in, then I'll explain the rules to ya. This is the plot: A group of eighteen pokemon are trapped inside a tower...
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    Pokemon Tower VIII

    Remember Pokemon Tower from the old days? (I created it) Remember those suckish contests I made which made everyone vote on a specific person because they did the only wrong in the game? Well, forget about that! Now, that I'm not so dumb and have learned the error of my ways, I'll be restarting...
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    Pokemon Vacation Contest

    Pokemon Vacation Contest Time!! Hello girls and boys to this wonderful thread which I'm sure will be loved by you. Say, have your pokemon nagged you on and on about a vacation? Have they threatened to run away if you don't give them what they want? Then, this is your big chance boys and...
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    Pokemon Palace: ALL NEW!!

    Pokemon Palace: ALL NEW!! (Back and running) ;178;: *Is wearing a sombrero* Adios, I'm back in a new castle in Mexico and boy, is this place fun. The spices here are amazing. This castle has quite a number of animals and boy, are they fun to mess with. Well, you do remember that there were...
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    Choose Your Adventure II

    Choose Your Adventure II Hello! Erm, so I'm hoping to use necromancy on an old thread called Choose Your Adventure created by Innerflame. The URL of the Choose your Adventure Version 1.0 The Thread Anyways, in this game you have to create a character who shall go in a journey of its own...
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    Rate them, friendly.

    I've been waiting for so long to start one of these sprite threads for you to crticize. I could've made one a long time ago but I was scared that I'd get bad comments that would haunt me. So, when you critisize, please try to be friendly. :) Okay, I've made fusions and chaos: My...
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    Pokemon Palace

    Pokemon Palace (Sign up for Season 2) Welcome to the royal ground of the Pokemon Palace where many ledybas and eevee relax comfily. Today, Mother Memory has made the queen open up the royal palace for 10 pokemon to enter. Mother Memory has designed the sign-ups and this is how it goes:
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    Pokemon Cottage Resort

    Mother Memory: Welcome to Pokemon Cottage Resort where you pokemon compete in tough challenges everyday! We will need twenty contestants for this current show so please sign up: Name: Species: Gender: Level: Moveset (Consists of ten moves at most): Weaknesses: Talents: Awards...
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    Pokemon Tower Continuance

    Since the first series was closed I would like to make the second series of Pokemon Tower. Here is the same introduction from Pokemon Tower: I have told Geodude about my idea and I have permission! Pokemon Tower is a game where 20 pokemon get trapped in a 20 floored tower and eliminate...
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    Pokemon Sing-a-Song.

    Pokemon Sing-a-Song is a game where there are twenty contestants who try to win each other in singing. The entry form should have the following: Name Species Singing Personality Feelings What they ate for breakfast. Here is an example: Enrage the ;243; Singing: Bleeding love by...
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    Pokemon Haunted House

    Pokemon Haunted House is a game when 16 pokemon are stuck in a haunted house and must escape before the zombies here get them. The zombies demand a sacrifice everyday so they won't eat us. The loser has to be fed to them. You must include: Name and Species Fears Skills Buddy Items equipped...
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    The Pokemon Tower

    I have told Geodude about my idea and I have permission! Pokemon Tower is a game where 20 pokmon get trapped in a 20 floored tower and eliminate eachother out! On each floor of a tower is a challenge where I will post on here for you! The audience must vote on who will lose and who will not! If...