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  1. Falco320

    your not watching it? its live right now!

    so who is watching? its a pokemon charity and they are playing R/S/E, LG/FR, And the colleseum games. trying to catch all legit pokemon. http://www.thespeedgamers.com/ they are playing for 72 hours.
  2. Falco320

    Episode explanation not translation.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQejJ4gxw1c ok well in this part of the episode at 6:13 officer jenny is holding a lunar wing and then at 6:18 Dawn is holding a different one. is that lunar wing from the movie, rise of darkria? cause out of all the other pokemon movies i have never seen them...
  3. Falco320

    What team did you use to defeat the pokemon league the second time around?

    ok well i have never beaten the pokemon in my LG/FR the second time cause i didnt know how many levels they grew and how powerful they have become. i was very suprised to see that. i want to know what other LG/FR players used and what were your levels for beating the league the second time...
  4. Falco320

    Emerald Battle frontiere / D/P battle tower lovers

    for anyone wanting to talk competitive about both the BattleTower in D/P or the BattleFrontiere in emerald post here. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=155790
  5. Falco320

    WaterFall battle Any1?

    who wants to have a PBR match against me, my FC is 1504 5891 5447. so any up for it?
  6. Falco320

    Pokemon DP 84/85

    well i guess Dawn gets a swinub and Ash gets a Gliscor. http://youtube.com/watch?v=-aQvg4JzQCE do you think Dawn will evolve her Swinub or maybe she doesnt get a swinub.
  7. Falco320

    Need help with PBR

    ok well i need to know how random wifi battles work and after beating people after people do you get to battle better and more harder teams? also lets say i finished battling someone on random wifi battle and i exchange battle passes whats it for an what do you do with it? and finally can...
  8. Falco320

    Lum berry Quest!!!

    as you can read from the title i need a Lum berry for the Battle Frontier. i heard you can randomly get 2 from the berry master in my Emerald it that true? and if it is can i soft reset for a Lum berry at the berry masters house? and finally is then any way else i can get a lum berry...
  9. Falco320


    ok so my friend traded me a febass now were is the place to make poffins??? and what berry's do i use for the right poffins???
  10. Falco320

    plz help!!!

    ok so it is possible to use your original team to beat the pokemon league and then give it good items to hold,good attacks,and semi-natured pokemon and use it to beat some frontier brains. has it been proven??? if it has not then ill test this this out. also will it work???
  11. Falco320

    wich game was better?

    my bro and i both disagree on witch game is better so i decided to make a poll and let you guys decide.
  12. Falco320

    hi can some1 help me with this?

    ok since i got my diamond all the attacks have changed like shadowball is now special.i cant remember what is physical and what is special anymore.so can some1 give me a lists of all the tms 1-50 and tell me wich 1 is physical or special. -ThankYou
  13. Falco320

    what's the difference between.......

    ok so my friend told me that there is a difference between way the japanese make pokemon team's and how there strategies work together and the way we make teams and play in battle.he said something about american version is about strength and the Jap's is more strategy.so can any1 plz give a...
  14. Falco320

    how much do you hate clones!!!

    do you hate clones enough to delete a shiny version of 1.my friend is going to delete it because he got it in a trade but it was cloned.do you think it is right???
  15. Falco320

    show off you pokemon battle teams here!!!

    so for every one that battles ppl/friends show off your teams here. (pics if possible okay)
  16. Falco320

    the JAA!!!

    last year they had the JAA and i was thinking was there a spot in there where you could you play the card game???and if there was please thell me how iy was. :)
  17. Falco320

    awsome or not???

    what do you think of this battle :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbFlnnQZD0I it takes a while for ppl to choose but when they do man is it great. okay its fixed.
  18. Falco320

    when its finally over what will you do!!!

    after the pokemon era what will you do.every day i think that same question now im asking the pokefans to tell me what will you do after pokemon.will you still come back and post again for old times.try to think very hard about this then post.
  19. Falco320

    choosing the best.

    well since the poll ended in a tye i decided to post another poll for the best starter in lg/fr.
  20. Falco320

    wich is the best starter

    ok so i want to know what you guy's think is the best starter,that way i could start my game all over. edit:sorry i missed spelled charizard.;006;