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    Ash Pokezombie Master

    Pokemon meets Army of Darkness/Evil Dead! (Both have heroes named Ash) Here's my t-shirt design: Ash Ketchum set out to become the greatest Pokemon Master! He was living the dream until they started rising from the dead... Available as a t-shirt here...
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    sugimori HGSS art?

    Is there any sort of collection where i can find all the sugimori art for HGSS? and i'm talking about more than the pokemon stock art. like gym leader, items, characters, etc. sorry if this is the wrong fourm. its been a while. thanks in advance
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    Myth of the legendary dogs?

    can anyone enlighten me as to what the myth behind raikou, suicune, and entei is? i can't remember what it was and i can't find it online. like why they were in stone and what they did before that. help? thanks :)
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    Sugimori Art

    is there any place i can find alot or all of sugimori's work for the pokemon games? i'm mostly interested in characters, items/gadgets, and or scenes. if not then its ok, thanks
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    Redeevee pokepic

    Bulbasaur Charmander and Squirtle as humans thoughts? Mystery inc
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    List of Spooky Episodes

    Can we pile a list of all the spooky or whatever episodes? Like all of them with ghost or psychic pokemon? episodes like Tower of Terror
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    I geuss we know Berlitz's name now: Platinum!
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    5th Gen idea!

    Okay i recognize there's no way this would happen. but i think it'd be a cool idea. Instead of coming up with another 50 something pokemon that are only half-baked...why not revamp a whole generation? What do i mean? Well set the location on a land east or west (wherever Johto isnt) of Kanto...
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    Dawn's Profile/Piplup

    I think Dawn's profile on the main site is wrong. i dont think she has all those other pokemon, she only has piplup from what i've seen in the show.
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    i remember a topic that linked to a youtube video of an anime that was like a hybrid of Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon. does anyone know what this is?
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    Pokemon etymology

    i'm pretty sure there was a thread on this before. if there is please link me to it? and if not we can discuss it here. where do pokemon names come from (ex. Charmander= char+salamander)
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    All the mysteries of the Pokemon universe explained! Hi! i've got a new comic (with word balloons) so i present pokedots! Newest comic: Comic archives: 1) Where Blue Lives 2) Where the Starters come from 3) The House i have the first three ideas. but i need all yalls help...
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    Redeevee's Lemonade stand

    I am OPEN! 5 requests at a time I do: Trainer Sprites: (the second group is jpg, all pictures will now be PNG) Holiday sprites: Overworlds: and Pokescenes: (have no examples up yet) Banners: I'm open for requests. 5 Requests 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)...
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    Here's my comic. its a parody off the entire pokemon universe. First episode: Red, Set, Go! http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t135/Ditto1414/Comic/BrowsePNG4-3.png Second episode: Two Viridian http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t135/Ditto1414/Comic/BrowsePNG4-1.png Third...
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    Redeevee's Sprites 2.0

    i wasnt sure if i should bump my old thread cause it was so old. so i made a new one. I'll start this one out with the Kanto Gym Leaders: First is Brock: Misty: Lt. Surge Erika
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    Pokemon new directions...

    What new directions do you think that Pokemon should take to make it more interesting? I know alot of people probably want pokemon to stay exactly as is. which is also fine, but a new direction would truley mix things up and possibly appeal to a greater audience. I have a few ideas, as im...
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    The New Make your own Fake cheat thread!

    **Disclaimer: None of the cheats created are real, or actually work. dont get mad if you try it and fail** Make up your own fake cheats here! Switching Latios and Latias colors -Emerald -Put a Kecleon in your first slot in your party, then Latias and Latios in the 2nd and 3rd slots, and...
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    What do you want for the 3rd Sinnoh gen game?

    Make a continuous list of extras, changes, ect. But # them, and copy the list and post it, keep it going. And one idea per post. Type the next # for the next person. 1) Customizable trainers 2)
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    Is it just me...

    ...or is Ash the worst character on the show now? He's been on this god-forsaken journey for years now! he's seen almost every Pokemon, he's battled 1564316 people (yes i just hit the number pad), and he's faced Team Rocket 45232325 times! YET He still battles like a n00b. Doesnt...
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    Any one have any good pictures of Gizelle? Or from the episode of "School of Hard Knocks"? Thanks in advance.