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    My Pearl team

    This is my Pearl team, and I plan to challenge the elite four & Cynthia with it. What do you think? Roserade Lv. 59 -Giga Drain -Cut -Petal Dance -Solar Beam Mesprit Lv. 51 -Confusion -Lucky Chant -Future Sight -Charm Uxie Lv. 52 -Confusion -Shadow Ball -Future Sight...
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    Soni Heroes 2

    Five years ago an evil robot named Metal Sonic had threatened to destroy the world with an armada of airships, each having the appearance of various sharks and rays. When all hope seemed lost four courageous teams rose up to defeat him. In response to the opposition of Team Rose (Amy Rose, Cream...
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    Sonic Heroes II

    It has been five years since the events of Sonic Heroes and Metal Sonic is back. This time he has captured the original teams and put them under his control. Now it is up to some new teams to stop him before it's too late! Here are the basics: 1) At least one of the team members must be a...